Green walnut stains are very hard to remove from your skin, no to mention clothes. If, unfortunately, stained her hands with green walnuts, your skin will come to be dark brown to black, and you will get rid of this trouble over time. But, I uncovered a super reliable trick that will conveniently remove eco-friendly walnut stains from her hands.

What you must do if you stained your hands with environment-friendly walnuts?

– Wash her hands thoroughly with soap and water– rub them with a lemon, making use of both the juice and also the peel– Wash your hands thoroughly with clean water to eliminate lemon juice, which can come to be sticky.

If girlfriend stained her clothes

– Soak the stain in cold water– add dish detergent to the stain– Pour part white vinegar end the stain to mix it v the food detergent– leave the dish detergent solution and vinegar top top the stain to act because that 15 minutes– Rinse with cold water and also repeat the procedure if the stain doesn’t disappear.

Image Credits: Alohafarms

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