CLUTCH REMOVAL:Disconnect the an adverse battery cable.Remove the transmission.Remove the 2 bolts securing the concentric actuator cylinder to the clutch housing. Eliminate the actuator cylinder indigenous the transmission input shaft. If required, the bearing have the right to be removed from the actuator cylinder for replacement.(((Concentric actuator cylinder ar on the transmission )))


INSTALLATION: position the actuator cylinder come the infection input shaft. Ensure that the bleed screw and also the coupling are positioned towards the infection ports. Secure the concentric actuator cylinder to the clutch housing with 2 bolts and tighten come 71 inch lbs. (8 Nm).Install the transmission.Connect the negative battery cable.TRANSMISSION REMOVAL:Shift the transmission into third or fourth gear position.Remove or disconnect the following:Negative battery cableShift lever and the if necessary, the change housingParking brake cable for clearancePropeller shaftSide plate, if equippedTransfer case and transition lever, top top 4WD modelsAll wiring exploit that would certainly interfere v transmission removalFuel heat retainers indigenous the rear crossmemberMuffler indigenous the catalytic converterExhaust pipes native the exhaust manifoldCatalytic converter hangar, if necessaryExhaust sectionBolts and also nuts attaching any transmission braces to the engine and also transmissionDisconnect the hydraulic clutch quick-connect indigenous the concentric servant cylinder adhering to 1 of the 2 steps:Use 2 small prytools in ~ 180 degrees from each other to depress the white plastic sleeve on the quick affix to separate the clutch line from the concentric slave cylinder quick connect.Use special device J-36221 to depress the white plastic sleeve ~ above the quick affix to separate the clutch line end from the concentric servant cylinder fast connect.Remove or disconnect the following:Bolts securing the clutch real estate cover to the transmission, if equippedClutch plate and clutch cover, if necessarySupport the transmission through a an ideal jack.Rear crossmember from the structure railWiring exploit from the former crossmember, if equipped. Move the wiring harness away from the infection oil pan. Lower the transmission sufficient to gain access to the optimal of the transmission.Fuel heat retainers or wiring harnesses from the top of the transmissionBolt, washer, and also nut securing the wiring harness ground wires come the engine blockBolts retaining the transmission to the engine. Pull the transmission straight back on the clutch hub splines.Lower the transmission using the infection jack.INSTALLATION:Installation is the reverse of removal, but please note the following vital steps.Place a thin coat that high-temperature grease on the key drive gear (input shaft) splines.Secure the transmission to the floor jack and raise the transmission right into position.NOTEOn some models, it might be vital to revolve the transmission clockwise while inserting it into the clutch hub.Slowly insert the input pillar through the clutch. Turn the output shaft gradually to engage the splines of the intake shaft right into the clutch while advertise the transmission forward into place. Execute not force the transmission into position, the infection should easily fall right into place once whatever is properly aligned.Tighten the transmission mounting bolts to 35 ft. Lbs.

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(47 Nm).Do not remove the transmission jack till the crossmembers have actually been installed. Inspect the transmission liquid level and replenish as necessary.Thanks for using!