If someone is trying to cheat you ~ above Roblox, you can report them using the "Report Abuse" feature. The feature permits you to report every sorts of unreasonable activity.

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Roblox is a ar of players and also developers. That has certain rules to promote safety and also keep scammers away. You have the right to report a scammer to Roblox at any time you suspect that you space being scammed. If girlfriend don"t want to report them, you deserve to block them from reaching you.

According to Roblox, a cheat is an attempt to trick who else right into parting v their an individual information or valuables for personal gain.

Using the Roblox "Report Abuse" Feature

The Report Abuse feature allows you come report negative content and also anything the violates the rules. When you report a user ~ above the feature, it automatically sends a report come the moderators. Repeat offenders are usually blocked.

When utilizing the Report Abuse feature, you should specify the particular chat, content or article that must be reviewed. The moderators can"t help you if girlfriend report a profile there is no specifying the contents you consider wrong.

How to Report a User In-Game

You can report a user in-game making use of the Report Abuse feature. Monitor these actions to report individuals in-game.

1. Click on the "Menu" button at the peak of the screen

2. Click the flag symbol next come the user"s name

3. Click the choice "Report"

4. Pick "Player" and also then "Which Player"

5. Report the relevant username

6. Choose the food selection "Type that Abuse"

7. Pick the type of inappropriate action you intended to abuse

8. Usage the quick Description crate to add more information

9. Click "Submit" to finish the process

How come Report Out-of-Game Violations

Some football player may shot to cheat you or hurt the existing Roblox gamings out that the game. You can report them using the Report Abuse feature.

How to Report User-Created Advertisement

If you think than an advertisement posted by a user violates the currently terms and also conditions, you have the right to report it. Click "Report" under the as image and also wait because that it to load. Once it loads, fill the end the type and click on the button "Report Abuse."

How to Report an application Chat

You can report inappropriate chats do by various other users in the app. Click the equipment icon in ~ the peak of the chat home window to check out the chat Details. Click on the user name and then "Report." friend must click the Report button to attain a report form. Fill it out and click top top the "Report Abuse" button.

Contacting the support Team

If you need assist when using Roblox, girlfriend may call the customer company team and also ask because that help. The best way to call Roblox is ~ above the phone. You acquire the chance to speak directly with a member the the customer organization team. They will ask about your problem and direct you come the most relevant help.

Consider seeking assistance on email if girlfriend don"t necessarily need to speak through a representative. Usually, you have to send several emails earlier and forth prior to getting the assistance you need.

If girlfriend don"t mental seeking assist in public, you might seek support on Twitter. Girlfriend are most likely to get help fast due to the fact that it is a publicly site. If the support agents can"t aid you ~ above Twitter, they may ask friend to contact them top top the call or email.

The Roblox assist desk is the an initial support choice for plenty of users. It has historicsweetsballroom.com to many questions and issue-specific topics.


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