Hi, my scheduled maintenance irradiate is on and also my husband claims the dealer is trying to over offer us. The car has 201 th miles and they say it needs: timing belt replaced (he does no argue this one), tensioner (won't' recognize til lock look in ~ belt) spark plugs at 240.00, valve adjustment 489.00. Is every this crucial or are they taking benefit of me have the right to I reset the light myself?

hello anatude, For reserved maintenance as per 105 k miles the timing belt need to be replaced and the tensioner would certainly be encourage to be replaced as well. Spark plugs would rely on condition. If it had actually been replaced previously, climate you can not should replace them now if the mileage on them are still low. The valve clearances space recommended come be adjusted ONLY if they space noisy. Right here is exactly how you have the right to reset the oil light in the diagrams below. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize what you find.




just how do ns reset the "Maintenance Required" irradiate on this model? The oil and also filter were recently adjusted by the dealer, before the light came on. I suspect the light is based upon mileage and oil adjust interval.
revolve ingition move to off position, press and also hold SELECT/RESET button and also turn ignition switch to ON, continue to hold button for ten secs or until the irradiate goes out.
Other group problem2005 Honda Accord 6 cyl Wheel Drive form unknown automatic 40,000 mile Maintenance required light top top dashboard - why would this light come on?
it is a reminder irradiate that ns think comes on every 10,000 miles. The is a reminder for you the some business according come the manual is more than likely needed. In your owners hands-on it speak you just how to reset the thing. If you take it it in for business they would certainly reset it for you. On larger vehicles (not that much older) you organize the pilgrimage odometer reset button and turn on the an essential while stop the switch until the irradiate goes off.
You can disconect the battery and it will certainly be reset yet it will come ago on until you fix what has tripped the light in the first place. Most an excellent auto components stores and repair shops have the right to plug in a hand held computer to your car and get a reading on what is wrong the made the irradiate come on for no charge. Now you know what needs to it is in fixed! :)
hello there, It demands to be reset ~ the engine oil adjust here is how. Examine out the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand if you need anything else to gain the difficulty fixed.
The "Maintenance Required" light in this automobile is one oil adjust reminder light. Examine your operators manual for indict on just how to reset it. The "Check Engine" light would indicate an work malfunction.
2003 Honda Accord 2005 Honda Accord Maintenance required Light, exactly how do ns reset light after oil change.
relying on your version it may be different. As soon as in doubt, inspect your owners manual.However, through the key off, host the reset button, rotate the vital on come RUNII, organize the reset switch until the light shuts off. Begin the vehicle.
Honda Accord 1998-02, Odyssey 1998, civic 2002-06, public Hybrid & Pilot 2003-06To reset MAINT REQ"D light; press and also hold SELECT/RESET button on the tool panel. Turn ignitionon and also hold until the irradiate goes out.
Engine performance problem2001 Honda Accord hands-on Hi, I obtained this 2001 honda accord VP 6 month ago form another person and also mileage is 99k. Today morning unexpectedly maintenance required light to be flashing for few seconds and went off. Is there any serious problem with my car? I appreciate the suggestions.
Shanti, No, there is no difficulty with your car. You should follow the suggested maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Watch your owners hands-on or her Honda dealer. Friend do have actually a huge service comes up. The 105k service. Your car will get a brand-new timing belt, water pump, spark plugs and also more. Always change your engine oil every 4 come 5k miles. Turn tires every various other oil change depending on how they room wearing. The light you have to be concerned around is your "check engine " light. View a an excellent Honda mechanic if this light should come on. If your check engine light "flashes" while your driving at any kind of time, perform not drive the vehicle. The flashing way if you proceed driving automobile you can damage the Catalytic convertor. Hope this help ease her mind. Dave
just the various other morning as soon as I was going around an interview i looked in ~ the gauges on mine car and realized that my maintenance compelled light to be on I maintained an eye on all the other gauges to make certain that naught was running hot and went residence after i was done. Mine dad owns his very own auto shop and also put his dignostic device on it and also couldn"t find any type of codes reflecting what to be wrong. He claimed it might be choose a oil change light so i tried pump the gas however that didn"t work. Simply wandered if anyone has encountered this problem and had any kind of suggestions.
Hello, If you have actually your owners hand-operated you deserve to look with it and also find ar for the light. It is feasible that it is just time for an oil readjust or part other form of maintenance.When to be you critical oil change, last track up, wait filter change, tranny service?Also, as soon as you revolve the vital to the on position were the dash lights come on is there an company Engine Soon, or a check Engine..
I take it My automobile Ex-nav (v6 Engine) come Autozone to Findout What The inspect Engine irradiate Is about And They provided Me 4 Codes. P0134, P0457, P0497...

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About A week Ago, The check Engine irradiate Turned ~ above In The Cold Morning, I acquired It checked By A Mechanic and Scanner password "po139" Oxygen...

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