DENVER, CO – APRIL 20: Kyle Snider smokes a blunt throughout 4/20 festivities in ~ Denver’s Civic facility Park ~ above Friday, April 20, 2018. (Photo by Aaron Ontiveroz/The Denver post via Getty Images)

SpumoniJones, over at The Smokers Club, teaches us how to role up a dutch master blunt in this short and sweet video. Unlike many tutorials, this one is in cartoon form. The perfect because that anyone that is in search of a fast how-to on the arts of gutting and filling up a Dutch. This 28-second video clip will make you and also your friends professional blunt rollers in no time, examine it out below.

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Step 1: Gut and also cut

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This can be challenging, if you’re no careful. First you desire to cut the Dutch ideal down the middle. Don’t cut so deep that you finish up slicing the thing right in half. Once you have reduced open her Dutch, empty the materials into the trash. Afterwards, reduced off the rounded finish of the blunt. This will make it less likely that your blunt will close increase while rolling. Be sure to likewise lick the edges to seal up any tears.

Step 2: fill it up

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Now come the funny part, including the weed! an outbreak your grinder, grind increase the lot of weed you wish to use, and fill increase the blunt so the the weed is spread neatly across the blunt. Be sure to use sufficient weed so that you don’t need to worry around a broke down blunt if you’re trying to smoke it.

Step 3: Time come roll and also spark

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Start by very closely folding and also rolling the blunt upward. Tuck the shorter side of the Dutch around the weed, then proceed with the rolling. Make sure not come pinch the ends shut or you’ll have actually a pretty turbulent time smoking cigarettes it when the time comes. Lick the blunt later on while pressing down come ensure that the blunt is nice and secured.

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Once you’re finished, run a lighter up and also down it lengthwise so that it drys. Now it’s time come spark the up and also get high!