In English, bed bugs are parasitic insects that have the right to infest beds and the locations where civilization sleep. Wikipedia mirrors that the term for bed an insect is chinche. However, my understanding is that chinche (at the very least in main America) describes the insect the spreads Chagas disease.

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What are the exactly terms for these 2 insects, and how can you make the (very important!) difference clear when talking about them?



Both bed bugs and also the insects that spread out the protozoan that reasons Chagas condition are insects that the bespeak Hemiptera. Bugs the this bespeak are typically referred come in together chinches, so this is a good name for either.

So yes, both bugs are closely related. If you desire to differentiate, friend can always be particular (or pedantic!) and also use their clinical names; Triatominae (or triatomines) because that the Chagas condition vector and also Cimex for bed bugs.


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