Let’s learn exactly how to to speak biscuit in Spanish, just how to to speak rolls in Spanish, and also how come say bacon in Spanish. However first, I desire to repeat you that we are having actually we are having lots the fun and also learning “UN MONTÓN” (a ton) the Spanish at our Facebook finding out Spanish prefer Crazy page. So go “like” our facebook Fan page and also join in the fun at:

How to Say Biscuit In Spanish

Here’s an instance of all the funny we are having and the Spanish that us are finding out on our learning SpanishLike Crazy facebook Fan web page . . . . Ns posted a pic of a common “desayuno paisa” or breakfast in Medellín, Colombia. In the post, I also described every the foodstuffs in the pic that the “desayuno paisa”:

How to Say Biscuit In Spanish


One customer asked “how execute you speak biscuits and also gravy in Spanish?”

And ns responded on our LSLC on facebook Fan web page with the following:

“I am assuming the you average American ‘biscuits’ because British ‘biscuits’ are what american wouldcall a ‘cookie’ and Spanish-speakers a ‘galleta.’ Spanish speaker don’t have actually their own word for ‘biscuits’because biscuits room a really American food. A Kentucky Fried Chicken newly opened not too far fromwhere i live in Medellín. When I “tener antojo” (have cravings) because that American food, ns go there. The wordthat they use for ‘biscuits’ in the KFC below in Medellin is ‘biscuits.’

But the course, they speak ‘biscuits’ v a solid Latino accent.

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How come Say roll In Spanish


I have heard Spanish-speakers erroneously refer to ‘biscuits’ together ‘panecillos’ — which is really translated as the English indigenous “rolls.”

I climate added, “I would say ‘biscuits con salsa’ in order to say ‘biscuits and also gravy.’ ‘Salsa’ literally means ‘sauce’ in English yet that’s the word that I have actually heard used. For example, I have ‘una amiga paisa’ who periodically cooks when she visits my home, when serving me a key she may ask me ‘más salsa?” – which can be interpreted as “more gravy?” or “more sauce?”

I continued and also wrote, “I additionally noticed that Spanish speakers often use the word “con” (with) where inEnglish we would use the word “and” or “y” in Spanish. For example, us say “bacon and eggs,” they say “huevos con tocino” — we speak “ham and eggs” – they say “huevos con jamón.”When offering directions us say “Avenue Poblado and 10th Street” – they say “La avenida Poblado con lacalle diez.”

How to Say Bacon In Spanish


By the way, in Colombia, they normally use words “tocineta” rather of “tocino” when referring come bacon.

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Interestingly, in Colombia, “tocineta” or “tocino” is NOT a breakfast food. And “jamón” (ham) is not a breakfastfood below in Colombia.

Here in Colombia, “tocineta” or “tocino” is a food the is usually put on top of “hamburguesas” (hamburgers) or included to “brochetas” (shish kabobs) or “chuzos” (shisk kabobs).