Islamic Condolence post For Muslims. Islam teaches us the condolence with Muslims in a method of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did. Very first of every try to background the emotions of the suffered family members by recalling them that Allah will certainly reward your patience. Islam motivates Muslims to console brothers and also sisters in times of sorrow and grief to mitigate the pain. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) report a great reward because that it. The said:

Whosoever consoles a human afflicted through grief receive his selfsame reward. (Al-Tirmidhi and also ibn Majah)

Whosoever consoles who going v a challenging time, Allah will clothe him with the robes of honor on the day of Judgment. (Ibn Majah)

What perform you say once someone dies or lost his precious thing? how you to speak sorry because that the loss? We have shared part rest in peace Islamic sayingsand supplications. We will certainly tell you how to speak condolence according to sunnah and also Quran.

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The Islamic way of expressing Condolence and Sympathy

An Infographic about Islamic Condolences Messages


30- Condolence ~ above the fatality of a Muslim

Muslims begin condolence v the verse of Surah Baqarah which translates as

‘We surely belong come Allah and also to Him we shall return’

Such is a life of a Muslim, he belongs come his Rabb and after living this life in deception he needs to return to Him.

29- Consoling v Allah’s Words

Allah in the Quran Himself says that we need to not despair and lose hope once we go through trials and also tribulations. Because Allah constantly stays v us, he never leaves our hand as soon as we require Him the most. We have to never come to be hopeless and should just ask Him for help. We can remind this beautiful saying of Allah SWT come those who space in must hear such comforting words.

28-Condolence blog post on fatality of a spouse

Losing a spouse leaves a human with an north heart and also a quit soul. The life that they have spent together starts mental the tranquility of mind and the human being seems choose a dark pit. However only Allah can heal this loss for this reason we have to pray come Him to cure the damaged hearts and grant His beautiful Jannah.

27- Praying because that a far better Replacement

Losing a love one or going v a calamity can lug about an unfavorable thoughts and emotions and also a are afraid that we have actually lost everything keeps turn in our mind. However Allah always has a much better replacement for the loss. We should constantly pray because that a beautiful replacement.

24- Comforting the Griever through Quranic Ayah

Quran is comforting and soothing because that the ears of the shed ones and also those who room hopeless. The verses feel relatable come us and also give us the ways towards the light. Allah in the Quran has actually mentioned that everyone had to leave this mortal human being of deception. We should not shed our hearts. We have the right to console the grieved human being with this Quranic ayah.

23- psychic the Promise the Compensation by Allah

We together a support to the Griever should make lock remember the Allah never ever keeps us empty-handed. When He bring away something from us, that will constantly recompense in His secret ways. Also if it’s the death of a love one or enduring any kind of hardship, Allah is constantly holding our hand and also guiding us in the direction of the appropriate path.

22- Being with the Griever During complicated Time

The human being who’s grieving over a loss requirements someone next to them to share the load of the calamity that they have actually been bearing alone. A couple of reassuring words, questioning if there is anything they need and being there v them, deserve to console a wounded heart.

21- mental the Sabr that Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Losing someone or going v a catastrophe breaks a human being from inside and shakes their people vigorously. Yet making lock remember the Sabr of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH can help in lessening the pains of the mourner. He can find solace in understanding that our Prophet Muhammad PBUH had actually gone through numerous trials, even if it is it to be the verbal strike by Quraish, bearing your disrespectful attitude, or his son’s death, he never ever let go of the rope the patience and never complained to Allah SWT. His lips were always busy in the Dhikr the thanking Allah SWT. Psychic his patience have the right to be Comforting because that a tired person.

On the death of Ibrahim, Muhammad PBUH said;

أِنَّ الْعَينَ تَدْمَعُ وَالْقَلْبُ يَحْزَنُ وَلَا نَقُولُ مَا يَرْضَى رَبُّنَا وَأِنَّا بِفِرَاقِكَ يَا أَبْرَاهِيمُ لَحْزُونُونَ

Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim

20- keeping the Lamenter in Thoughts

When us pray, we should remember come pray because that our Muslim brothers and sisters. Specifically those who are in distress and also need the duas. We should additionally mention come them that they’re in our thoughts and prayer، to do them feel much better during tired times.

19- Dua because that Condolence ~ above the Death

Dua is the most an effective gift the we offer to someone. If a human leaves this mortal life because that his final journey, what he needs the most is the dua the one prays because that him. We must make dua come Allah SWT for the deceased to keep him for sure from Hell-Fire.

18- make Dua for Allah’s Mercy end the Deceased

We space Ibn e Adam, the development of Allah SWT, who space in consistent need the His mercy and love. When there’s a have to console the family members of a deceased we have the right to pray to Allah to shower head His mercy upon the deceased.

↓ 17- Dua because that Forgiveness of the Deceased

In this life, us sin plenty of times and also do no walk on the ideal path that leads us to Allah SWT. For that, we must ask for His forgiveness as countless times together possible. However when we leave this Fa’ani world, we need duas from the world to pray for our forgiveness. The people who room left behind should pray come Allah swt come pardon his sins and also make him safe from the torment of Jahannum.

16- Dua to have actually Patience

Patience is the biggest virtue in Islam. It is not got in seconds or minutes, it takes a solid Tawakkul in Allah’s decree to have actually patience. As soon as we are going v some rough patch, the rope of patience keeps slipping far from ours hands however if ours friends and family save reminding us to have Sabr, we might gain a tiny patience. One need to pray because that the Griever to have actually firm sabr and tawakkal in Allah.

15- Praying for Jannatul Firdaus

Jannat ul Firdaus is the ultimate great of every Muslim. Our resides are invested praying for a beautiful item of soil in Jannah. We need to pray for every Muslim to have the ability to enter the entrances of the eternal abode. Us should likewise pray come Allah to open His arms for someone who has returned come Him and also make him enter the doors that Jannah under his shadow.

14- Praying for the Eternal trip of the Deceased

A Muslim’s final journey starts when his spirit leaves his body. It is then he gets to know about his deeds and whether he’ll go into Jannah or his aimaal will certainly take him come sinners abode i m sorry is Hellfire. Us should always pray for the tranquil journey the the Deceased.

13- Consoling the family members of the deceased

People going through an irremediable loss require their love ones about them. Castle just have lost someone close to their heart and it feels difficult to come out of it. One should console them and also make them remember that it is Allah who takes and gives life. We cannot carry out anything various other than bowing our top in front of His decree.

12- Praying for peace of the Deceased

Peace is what we seek in this life and when we dice too. Praying for the deceased’s heart to rest in tranquility helps a mourner come pray for it too.

11- Praying to heal from the Loss

Healing indigenous a loss seems choose a quite huge burden that one feels. Shedding all you had actually makes you feel like your world is falling apart but with the assist of Allah SWT, the wounds start healing and also pain becomes lesser through time. One should pray because that a grieving person that Allah reassuring his love and help him to feeling better.

10- Condolence message on fatality of Mother

Mothers room the most precious beings given to united state by Allah SWT. All their life, they care for their children and also love lock unconditionally. The assumed of losing a mother provides us shivers but when one goes with this irreparable loss, that needs civilization beside them. We need to stay through them, to speak a couple of consoling words and aid them heal.

9- Condolence post on fatality of Father

Fathers are also critical part of ours lives. They carry out and take treatment of his family and sacrifice your needs and also dreams for them. Once he pipeline his family members to go back to his Creator, the family falls apart. Children become Yateem and also it becomes difficult to leave him behind. During this difficult time, we have to stand next to them and also console the family. Yateem kids can likewise be taken under financial protection.

8-Praying because that the lull in Grave

The dig is the home of a dead body. As soon as we die, we leave whatever in this world and only take it our deeds and actions to the grave. We should always pray because that ourselves and others that may Allah bless us and also lighten increase our tombs with our good deeds.

7- extending the Hand that Sympathy

Islam stress a many on expanding a hand the sympathy towards other Muslims. Loan a helping hand or sustaining the people going v a calamity can lighten their burden and Allah will certainly reward the sympathizer.

6-Condolence article on fatality of a Child

A child means the human being to his parents and their life revolves approximately him. However when, v Allah’s will, their children leave lock to satisfy Allah SWT, your life shatters. Their hearts carry an irremediable pain and also they need human being to share your loss. We must stay beside them and also pray for Allah to do things far better for them.

5- Speaking sort Words come the Griever

Kindness is the key to victory people’s hearts. People who are type towards others have the right to lighten the load of a hurting heart. Speak a couple of kind words come the mourner or civilization who room going v rough times, is what Islam teaches us. We need to be watchful of our words and also remain kind while consoling.

4- showing Tenderness to the Griever

Being tender and also kind in the direction of the mourner is the method to console someone. Thinking about their loss, gift mindful of ours words, and staying by your side gives a small strength to bear the hardship

3-Condolence Dua on death of a Parent

Parents are the most important civilization in one’s life. It is alayws difficult to live without one of two people of them. But when they return to their Creator, we should pray for them. Us can also share the dua v someone who has lost among his parents.

↓ 2-Keeping the Deceased in ours Heart

People that leave this people should never be forgotten. We must keep them and also their storage in our hearts and also mention our pure intentions come the griever together well. We have to remind them the the deceased resides forever in our hearts and we should always pray for them.

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