Words for family members and other loved ones in Japanese. There room two sets of words for family members in Japanese: one is provided when talking about your family, and the various other is provided when talking about other people's families, and also to larger members that your own family. The previous is labelled inf and also the latter is labelled frm.

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 Japanese (日本語)
family 家族 (kazoku) - infご家族 (go kazoku) - frm
relative 親戚 (shinseki)
parents 両親 (ryōshin) - infご両親 (go ryōshin) - frm
father 父 (chichi) - infお父さん (otō san) - frm
mother 母 (haha) - infお母さん (okā san) - frm
children 子供 (kodomo) - infお子さん (oko san) - frm
son 息子 (musuko) - inf息子さん (musuko san) - frm
daughter 娘 (musume) - infお嬢さん (ojō san) - frm
spouse 配偶者 (haigūsha)伴侶 (hanryo)伉配 (kōhai)
husband 夫 (otto) - inf主人 (shujin)亭主 (teishu)ご主人 (go shujin) - frm
wife 妻 (tsuma) - inf家内 (kanai)女房 (nyōbō)奥さん (oku san) - frm
siblings 兄弟姉妹 (kyōdaishimai)
siblings (brothers) 兄弟 (kyōdai) - infご兄弟 (go kyōdai) - frm
siblings (sisters) 姉妹 (shimai)
older brother 兄 (ani) - infお兄さん (onī san) - frm
older sister 姉 (ane) - infお姉さん (onē san) - frm
younger brother 弟 (otōto) - inf弟さん (otōto san) - frm
youger sister 妹 (imōto) - inf妹さん (imōto san) - frm
uncle(older than parent) 伯父 (oji) - infおじさん (oji san) - frm
uncle(younger than parent) 叔父 (oji) - infおじさん (oji san) - frm
aunt(older than parent) 伯母 (oba) - infおばさん (oba san) - frm
aunt(younger 보다 parent) 叔母 (oba) - infおばさん (oba san) - frm
cousin いとこ (itoko) 従兄 (jūkei) - elder male 従弟 (jūtei) - younger male 従姉 (jūshi) - elder woman 従妹 (jūmei) - younger female 従兄弟 (jūkeitei) - male (pl) 従姉妹 (jūshimei) - mrs (pl)
nephew 甥 (oi); 甥っ子 (oikko) - inf甥御 (oigo) - frm
niece 姪 (mei); 姪っ子 (meikko) - inf姪御 (meigo) - frm
grandfather 祖父 (sofu); 爺 (jiji) - infお爺さん/お祖父さん (ojī san) - frm
grandmother 祖母 (sobo) - infお姉さん (onē san) - frm
grandchild 孫 (mago) - infお孫さん (omago san) - frm
grandson 孫息子 (mago musuku)
granddaughter 孫娘 (mago musume)
father-in-law 義理の父 (giri no chichi)義父 (gifu)舅 (shūto)
mother-in-law 義理の野母 (giri no haha)義母 (gibo)姑 (shūtome)
brother-in-lawstepbrother 義兄 (gikei) 義理の兄 (giri no ani) - older 義弟 (gitei) 義理の弟 (giri no otōto) - younger
sister-in-lawstepsister 義姉 (gishi) 義理の姉 (gishi no ane) - older 義妹 (gimei) 義理の妹 (gishi no mai) - younger
son-in-law 義理の息子 (giri no musuko)
daughter-in-law 嫁姑 (yome shūtome)


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