reading the comment to the news article 巴西女排变性球星将竞选国会议员 已瞄准东京奥运 around a Brazilian volleyballer who is transgender and wants come play in the Olympics, we have two comments:


Both usage this term "JJ".

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男队员割了JJ就可以参加女队的比赛?真是天下大乱了!Can a masculine player cut a JJ to get involved in a women"s team? It’s really a mess! (Google Translate)

隔了jj就可以参加女性的比赛,这对女性体育运动公平吗?You can participate in women"s competitions after ~ jj. Is this fair because that women"s sports? (Google Translate)

Here we have "割了JJ" (gēle JJ; "cut JJ") and "隔了jj" (géle JJ; "separate JJ"), which says it"s most most likely that JJ refers to "penis", but I"m no sure, so...

Question: Is "JJ" slang because that "penis" in

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Becky 李蓓♦Becky 李蓓
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Yes, it originates from the pinyin JiJi. BTW ns think 隔 is just a typo that 割.
Oct 16 "18 at 2:19

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In Mandarin 雞巴/Jībā/ is slang for "penis", and it is frequently further nicknamed 雞雞/jī jī/ or 小雞雞/Xiǎo Jī Jī/

JJ is a shorthand because that 雞雞/Jī Jī/


A possibility for Cantonese to likewise use jj for penis:

In Cantonese, we speak to children"s (or small) prick 賓周Since 周 sounded favor 啫, we likewise call it 啫啫 or 啫啫仔JJ sounded favor 啫啫, therefore is used instead in some casual Cantonese publication, largely entertainment news or gossip column.

As for adult (or big) penis, there space several different names because that it.

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answer Oct 16 "18 at 2:58

tang Ho♦Tang Ho
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