I to be looking to get a tattoo in latin and I need to understand the most concise translation.

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The optimal will speak "Mente et Maleo" which i am much more confident on and also should typical "with the Mind and the Hammer"

The bottom line will check out "For the Earth" as in, in the reason of the earth, i beg your pardon so far i understand should be interpreted to "Ultro enim terra"

Can who please give me some understanding on this translations.

Thank you


I would certainly say pro tellure. Or probably telluris gratia.They typical 'on behalf of' and 'for the services of Earth'

enim method a various 'for' (viz. 'because', 'so' etc.)

That is what ns was concerned about. I can gain a literal meaning translation, but always not a contextual one If i were to put it in a sentence ns guess it would be together a reply to, "Why are you a geologist?" I would say "For the Earth"

I assumption: v it have to sound favor a fight charge.

I feeling conflicted around gratia. Come me that's much more about doing/conceding someone rather a favor... (?) but then causa doesn't fit any better. :(

tellus definitely is an innovation over terra.

The bottom heat will read "For the Earth" as in, in the cause of the earth, which so far i recognize should be interpreted to "Ultro enim terra"

enim is one assertion. The dictionary may list "for" as one meaning but this only uses in a context prefer "Blessed room the meek, because that they will inherit the earth", that can't be used in the feeling of "in donate of".

ultro method "moreover", "even", ... Once not provided literally; it shows that other is done over and past something else.

I'd suggest pro terra because that the services of clarity. In timeless Latin this usage of pro is rare (and pro typically tends to analyze as "instead of/on behalf of") but it is an extremely common in middle ages Latin and also via idioms like pro bono it have to be acquainted to many English speakers.For a classical construction I'd shot terrae causa ("for the services of/on account of/because of the earth") or a an easy terrae (dativus commodi "to the benefit of the earth", imo not understandable without having a verb).

Whatever source for English->Latin translate in or lookup you may use, always doublecheck through a Latin->English dictionary. Tufts has actually a very great site for that.

Also consider hiring a expert translation company for other as important as a tattoo, who recently linked one here that looked very qualified and was obscenely cheap. Sadly i didn't bookmark the link.

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edit: discovered the translation business again: http://www.classicalturns.comIf it is really operation by the male it cases to be operation by, then it is by much your ideal option.