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How come say fish in Italian: pesce

Learning Italian for take trip or study? Let’s try this term:

To say fish in Italian: pesceSay it out loud: “pesh" ay

You can learn just how to speak fish and also over 220 other travel-friendly words and also phrases through our inexpensive, easy-to-use Italian language cheat sheets. We can assist you make your next trip to an additional country even an ext fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some much more helpful words in our Italian Seafood category:

crab – granchio (grahn vital o)fish – pesce (pesh" ay)lobster – aragosta (arr uh go stuh)salmon – salmone (sal moan ay)shellfish – mollusco (moe loo" scoe)shrimp – gamberetto (gahm be affected by each other et o)tuna – tonno (tone o)

And here’s how to speak fish in other languages!

Arabic–Samak (sa mak)Chinese–Yú Ròu (Yü Row)Croatian–riba (ree bah)Czech–ryba (ree bah)Finnish–kala (kah lah)French–poisson (pwah soh)German–fisch (fish)Italian–pesce (pesh" ay)Japanese–Sakana (Sah Kah Nah)Korean–Saengseon (Saeng Sun)Polish–ryba (ry" ba)Portuguese–Peixe (pay shee)Russian–ryba (ry bah)Spanish–pescado (pehs kah doe)Swahili–samaki (sah mah kee)Thai–Plaa (blah)Turkish–balık (wall ik)Vietnamese–Cá (Ka)

During her travels, you will have a chance to get involved in plenty of sporting activities, among them might be sports fishing, this is wherein you go out right into the lake or ocean and also catch "fish" (pesce) for your very own meal. Also "fish" (pesce) is offered in hotels because that meals and you deserve to always shot and sample everything offered on the "fish" (pesce) menu. Acquire instant access to the Italian Language Set.

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