In bocca al lupo, i m sorry literally translates as in the mouth that the wolf, is a an extremely common greeting in Italian handle to those in require of buona fortuna (good luck) together as, for example, someone about to embark ~ above a risky endeavour or a student about to take vital exam.

In bocca al lupo!

Good luck!

/in bóc·ca al lù-po/

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Much prefer the English indistinguishable break a leg, the idiom shows a superstition in which straight wishing a person good luck would certainly actually be considered bad luck. For this reason, the habit of speak something an unfavorable emerged instead.

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How come Respond come “In bocca al lupo” in Italian

What’s necessary to remember is that if someone wishes you in bocca al lupo, it is finest to use the standard response crepi il lupo (lit: may the wolf die) or, more commonly, crepi (lit: may that die).

Is it possible to respond v grazie (thank you) instead? Yes, but be aware that law so might reverse your an excellent fortune!