Valentine’s job is ~ above the horizon. In Latin America, much like in the united States, it’s a day as soon as upscale, romantic restaurants room booked to capacity and shops are overflowing v flower bouquets and chocolate truffles. Happy couples walk follow me hand-in-hand, and everything is basked in rainbows and candlelight.

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Chocolate, roses, lingerie, and also love poems are few of the typical gifts civilization offer their loved ones every year on February 14th. If you can argue that it is a consumer holiday complete of false expectations and cliche reflects of “love”, Valentine’s work is however a holiday with numerous traditions in countries around the world, including Spain and also Latin America.

In Latin America, Valentine’s job is better known as El Día del Amor y la Amistad, or the job of love and friendship. Let’s take it a look at how different countries celebrate this day!

V-Day about the World


In Spain, Valentine’s work is not for a platonic love; the holiday is all around passionate romance. In ~ the same time, part Spaniards refer to the holiday together Día del Corte Inglés. Corte Inglés is a renowned department save chain in Spain. Hence, the name pokes funny at Valentine’s Day. This is akin to someone in the united state calling the a “Hallmark holiday.”


In Mexico, the main name the the vacation is Día de mountain Valentin (St. Valentine’s Day), however it is much more commonly dubbed El Día del Amor y la Amistad. When many civilization do offer chocolates, flowers, and balloons to your romantic partners, a greater emphasis is placed on celebrate friendships.


In Guatemala, the holiday is well-known as El Día del Cariño and it is celebrated an in similar way as in the unified States. Candies, flowers, and also romantic gifts are exchanged between companions. Furthermore, this is a special day for world to appreciate their amigos, familia, y compañeros (friends, family, and also coworkers). This can be accomplished by exchanging gifts or simply letting them recognize what they typical to you through a an easy note or call.


El Salvador

In El Salvador ~ above Valentine’s Day, the kids play a game referred to as Angelito or Amigo Secreto, which requires exchanging names and giving cotton gifts, comparable to an enig Santa.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico celebrate Valentine’s day by throwing large public parties.


In Ecuador, the males traditionally serenade your loved one outside of their residence at night.


In Peru, the romantic observers the the holiday offer out vivid orchids fairly than roses. Part sweethearts get hitched in mass weddings designed come accommodate numerous couples simultaneously. Peruvians memory both Carnival and also Valentine’s Day approximately the same time, making because that a grand celebration that love and also bliss.

Colombia and also Bolivia

Colombia and Bolivia storage in September quite than February. On September 20, Colombian an enig admirers are encouraged to provide gifts and profess their love.

Bolivians are doubly romantic, with Día del Amor y la Amistad on July 23, as well as Día de Amor (Love Day), i m sorry is commemorated in conjunction through Students’ Day, the job of Spring, and Children’s Day. They exchange cookies, candies, and flowers ~ above September 21. Both love-filled holidays take it place during the long, cold Bolivian winter.


On February 14, Argentines celebrate El Día de Los Enamorados (“Lovers’ Day”). Here, more of focus exists ~ above spoiling their far-ranging other through gifts and sweets. Argentina also multiplies your celebration with a entirety week native July 1-7 dubbed Semana de la Dulzura (“Sweetness Week”) throughout which happy couples exchange sweets for kisses.


Finally, in Brazil, Día de los Enamorados is observed on June 12 in respect of St. Anthony, the saint of marriage and matchmaking. This delay is due to the reality that Brazil’s February is monopolized by their famous Carnival celebration and street parade. Brazilians commonly celebrate the day v a romantic dinner, trading gifts, and dancing to their country’s signature samba beat.

Fun-loving Phrases because that Valentine’s day Cards is one of the world’s most poetic languages. Below are a few examples that sweet and also romantic points you have the right to say or compose to your unique Valentine:

Te quiero mucho. – i love you really much.Te amo. – i love you.Te adoro. – i adore you.Acompáñame a cenar/bailar/etc. – join me because that dinner/dancing/etc.Abrázame. – Hug me.Besame. – Kiss me.

Te Quiero matches Te Amo

Te quiero is the most common method to say “I love you” in Since it converts literally come “I desire you,” it may sound a bit strong to indigenous English speakers, yet in it has actually a lighter connotation the love and also interest. Friends and relatives often say “te quiero” to each other.

Te amo is used solely in the romantic sense—not among family or platonic friends. Store in mind the te amo could come across as a small overpowering if you haven’t been with your companion for long.

Here room some more helpful terms for expressing love and affection:

Valentine’s Vocabulary

to cuddleapapacharah-pah-pah-char
admirerel admirador / la admiradoraahd-meer-ah-doorahd-meer-ah-door-ah
dinnerla cenasen-ah
datela citasee-tah
engaged (adj)comprometido/akom-proh-may-tee-doh
heartel corazónkor-ah-sone
sweet (adj)dulcedool-say
sweets/candieslos dulcesdool-says
to autumn in loveenamorarseay-nah-moh-rar-say
flowerla florfloor
poemel poemapoh-ay-mah
romantic (adj)romántico/aroh-man-tee-koh
feelingslos sentimientossen-tee-myen-tohs

More pet Names in uses a plethora of terms of endearment. Use amorcito through an –o at the finish regardless of even if it is you’re referring to a guy or a woman. Why? The noun for love, amor, is masculine. Love continues to be love regardless of gender, and also so does amorcito. Likewise, cariño retains its –o ending regardless of her beloved’s gender.

Because querido and querida are adjectives (meaning “loved” or “dear”), you need to use querido as soon as referring to a male and also querida as soon as referring come a female. Right here are a couple of more pet names to call your sweetheart:

Corazón (heart)Mi amor (my love)Mi cielo (my heaven/sky)Mi vida (my life)

¡Feliz día del cariño!

Valentine’s day is celebrated with a wide selection of legacies from place to place. Everywhere in the world this vacation is observed, the is a time for love, family, friendship and also enjoyment.

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