When it comes to govoriti or conversing with the locals, you have the right to never go wrong as soon as you start the talk through greetings in Slovenian. While it is true the English is also a widely talked language in Slovenia, talking v the locals in a language castle are familiar with can aid you knife an extra brownie allude and even assist you establish a much better connection. In this post, we will certainly walk you with the phrases the you have the right to use for both formal and informal context as soon as greeting Slovenes. So, if you room up for that, let"s start learning!

Slovenia is perhaps one of the most beautiful locations on earth, given its distinct collection of traveler attractions that will make your jaw drop come the ground! However, there is likewise one significant asset that this nation holds: their exceptional language! The Slovene language is a unique South Slavic Language that is so diverse (with around 46 dialects) and is mainly talked by over2.5 million peopleacross the globe!

What provides it amazing is that despite being locked in between Italy, Hungary, Austria, and Croatia geographically, the bordering countries could not greatly influence the Slovene language! Usually, nations that room just hrs away have actually some form of expressions or words that are similar to every other...but the is no the instance for Slovene! the is truly unique, and also this is among the countless reasons why friend should discover it too.

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Basic Greetings In Slovenian


While girlfriend can always stick through hello or hello in the Slovenian language, discovering other expressions and also greetings deserve to significantly change how the locals act you. Automatically, it will certainly make them see how genuinely interested you are in your culture, which will impact the form of connection you can build with them. Uneven other nations where the greetings are casual or informal, even when speaking v an authority figure, the tradition for the locals is to speak in a formal and also polite manner. Additionally, that would help if girlfriend took note of the following:

When speaking through someone, maintaining eye contact is a must.It is intended that you will certainly greet someone through a big smile and a firm handshake.Friends and also family periodically kiss twice on the cheek (ladies) or provide each various other a play on the earlier (men).When you room in the office setting, it would be way to call your partner formally using an honorific location or just by simply adding Mr and Ms along with their critical names.When you are currently best buds, you can start calling them by their an initial names.

Depending on wherein you are specifically in Slovenia, please keep in mind that the greetings may adjust since the nation has plenty of dialects. In this part, we will certainly only focus on the basic ones which perform not have actually double an interpretation so the you are safe as soon as trying to use them in your daily conversation.

Hello / good day!Zdravo
Hello (On the phone)Halo
Hello (casual)Živjo
Have a pretty dayLep dan vam želim
Have a nice day (casual)Lep dan ti želim
Good morningDobro jutro
Good afternoonDober day
Good eveningDober večer
Good nightLahko noč
How are you?Kako se imate?
How space you? (casual)Kako se imaš?
Bye (casual)Adijo
Bye (casual)Čao
So longTako dolgo
Bon voyageSrečno pot
See youSe vidimo

Other helpful Conversation Starters In Slovenian

Now if you space interested to go beyond the greetings, enable us to give you a couple of more general phrases and expressions i beg your pardon we believe you have to know.

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Where is the toilet?Kje je stranišče?
What is her name?Kako ti je ime?
How lot is this?Koliko je to?
What are you act here?Kaj delate tukaj?
Where do you live?Kje živite?
How are you today?Kako ste danes?
Which bus is the ideal oneKateri avtobus je pravilen?
How much time execute you have?Koliko časa imate?
Why room you sad?Zakaj si žalosten?
Do you recognize me?Me poznaš?
Can I aid you?Vam lahko pomagam?
What time is that now?Koliko je ura?
What is this?Kaj je to?



As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you could aid you broaden your vocabulary and also develop trust in speaking the Slovene language. If you enjoyed this post and also would favor to learn more, we extremely recommend the you inspect out our previous Slovenian-based write-ups like the 50+ an easy words and also phrases every traveler must know and also how to surname the color in the Slovene language.

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