Do you desire to learn exactly how to greet correctly in Yoruba language or desire to learn how to to speak hello in Yoruba? This write up will display the number of different ways to greet people in Yoruba that have actually the same meaning as “hello”.

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In Yoruba society today, there space no generally-agreed-upon translate in for words “hello” in Yoruba language, due to the fact that it have the right to still be supplied to greet someone any kind of time of the day(whether in the morning, afternoon and also evening).

There space 5 Yoruba says in Nigeria today situated in the South-west namely: Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo and Ekiti states. The legacy of the Yoruba speaking civilization places much focus on greetings, specifically when it is addressed to yonsi people.

How to Greet Elders in Yoruba Language Correctly

E nle o: to greet the elderly civilization by showing respect based upon gender either say “E nle ma” or “E nle sir”.E pele o: It means sorry in Yoruba however this particular greeting in Yoruba is widely provided to greet elderly people. You can still distinguish it for gender purposes. To speak “E pele ma” or “E pele sir”.E rora o: means take it it basic in Yoruba yet for yonsei people, it have the right to ne a type of greeting depending upon the situation. Usage “E rora ma” or “E rora sir” to attribute gender.E ku ishe o: used usually to greet someone that is busy through something to obtain their attention. For elders usage either “E ku ishe ma” or “E ku ishe sir” to identify gender.E ku ikale o: supplied for someone that looks relaxed. In the midst of elders, usage either “E ku ikale ma” or “E ku ikale sir”, to differentiate gender.

Good Morning, Afternoon & evening in Yoruba Language

Below are the assorted greetings in Yoruba language used specifically at details times the the day historicsweetsballroom.come greet people:

E kaaro o: means great morning in Yoruba. You have the right to also include “ma” or “sir” when greeting the elderly. E.g E kaaro ma/sir for male and also female together the situation may be.E kaasan o: the is the definition of great afternoon in Yoruba. For male elders, say E kaasan sir while because that females E kaasan ma.E ku irole o: means great evening in Yoruba. Have to be used between 4 historicsweetsballroom.come 7pm. For elders add ma/sir.E kaale o: means an excellent evening but used in ~ night time when it is dark, after 7pm. For elders speak “E kaale ma/sir”.

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As you have the right to see, hello in Yoruba have different interpretations unlike in Igbo land whereby hello way “kedu” in Igbo language. Lets discover to appreciate and promote ours various society in Nigeria by speaking our languages.