Волим те (pronounced as volim te) is the most basic translation for i love girlfriend in Serbian language. However, over there are number of other distinct ways by which you can express this special kind of love and also this is what this article is all about. If girlfriend are worn down of utilizing that straightforward line and also would love to admire someone, then make sure that you examine out the distinct lines we have actually here today.

Love is something i beg your pardon is probably one of the most crucial things in the world. It is not simply a thing it"s a true feeling, which ns love to say it"s choose fuel to all living creatures top top the Earth. But sometimes it is also very important come know how to express your feelings, specifically when you want to say you love someone. In the case of the Serbian language, "Volim te" is the means you need to say to who "I love you".

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However, Serbs are very an innovative when it involves saying "I love you" i m sorry is why us will provide you 6 extr ways through which you have the right to surprise your special human being or Serbian friends. If the floats your boat, read on below to find out more.

Is The Serbian Language even Romantic?

Serbian is not a romantic language but it is actually component of the Slavic language family. Love phrases don"t sound as melodious just like other languages at all, but... You have to know that Serbs are fairly passionate. If the tone when speaking might be a little heavier top top the ear, the Serbian speakers have special ways through which they refer romantic feelings. And also this is what we space going to discover out in the ar below.

6 Easy ways To Say ns Love friend In Serbian


This is a vital thing you always need come know, and also just a common "volim te" is sufficient to know. But if you desire to be a small bit much more advanced and learn much more Serbian words, then finding out these expressions will certainly surely execute you more an excellent than you"ll ever before know! Let"s check those various other Serbian phrases ideal away!

I love friend the most!Volim te najviše na svetu"
I"m gonna love girlfriend forever!Voleću dare zauvek
I only love you and nobody else!Tebe volim ns nikog drugog
My love belongs just to you!Moje srce samo tebi pripada
I love you through all mine heart!Volim dare svim svojim srcem
I love friend so much!Mnogo dare volim

There are also some various other love phrases come say how much girlfriend love her partner. Because that example, you can say "Naša srca pripadaju jedno drugom" - which way "Our hearts belong to every other".

If you want to together someone if he/she loves you climate you should say "Da li me voliš?" which method "Do friend love me?".

I"ll provide you one bonus expression which is my an individual favorite. Volim te beskrajno means "I love friend endlesly" and this is the one ns love come tell my wife many of the time. Then i start saying with mine wife since she constantly tells me "Ja tebe volim više!" which means that she loves me more, yet that is no true to trust me...

Other Serbian Romantic paragraph You should Know


The ide of "love at very first sight" is likewise something I need to mention due to the fact that I think it considers probably one of the most beautiful phrases you"ll listen in Serbian, or possibly in some other languages too.

You can simply speak it "Ljubav na prvi pogled" but i you loss in love at the first sight girlfriend would favor to speak "Zaljubio sam se na prvi pogled". Okay, that doesn"t sound the romantic right? but sometimes you might hear "Osetio sam leptiriće u stomaku." So what go that even mean? You know that feeling once you looked in ~ someone and also felt that strong feeling in your belly? Well, that"s what it means. However the literal meaning translation would certainly be "I feeling butterflies in mine belly... Exactly how wonderful right?

There are also some, I"d favor to say "universal callsigns" anyone is using. I median those kinda words people mostly use in a relationship with your partner. So if his or her aboriginal language is Serbian, climate you"ll hear these rather a lot. Check them out.

"Dragi/Draga"- for Darling"Ljubavi"- mine Love"Med"- Honey"Šećeru"- Sugar"Bebo"- baby or Babe

How come Say "I Love friend Too" In Serbian

We haven"t pointed out it for this reason far and I need to know. If you want to understand I love you too in the Serbian language then simply say "Volim ns ja tebe" or "I ja tebe volim."

How come Say "I"m In Love" In Serbian


While the expressions listed below may take you part time to master due to their wordiness, we bet that these can seriously assist you earn some brownie points!

"ja sam zaljubljen/zaljubljen sam(zalyublyen sam)" - for masculine gender"ja sam zaljubljena/zaljubljena sam(zalyublyena sam)" - for female sex

This simply simply way I dropped in love or I"m in love. If you prefer saying I"m in love through you then it goes choose this

"zaljubio sam se u tebe" - for masculine gender"zaljubila sam se u tebe" - for female sex

How come Say I choose You In Serbian

"Sviđaš mi se" is the magic word because that this one. If you desire to ask someone does he choose you, just simply say "Da li ti se sviđam?". There is likewise the various other to say once you like someone and also for female gender is "Onaj koga sam tražila"(Onay koga sam trazhila) or "Ona koju sam tražio"(Ona koyu sam trazhio), if you space a male.

Learning Serbian Love Phrases with Ling


So we"ve gained to the finish of this article. This one is a difficult one because that me too I should admit it. Hope you"ve captured a pair of amazing things and shot to remember your favorite phrase you"ve heard today. If you want to find out much more about the Serbian language, learn an ext phrases, grammar, vocabulary and also you want to talk favor you to be born in Serbia, then you should examine our Ling App.

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