I confirm my calendar this morning and I establish it’s February already, widely related to as Valentine’s day. Ns felt an urge to express mine love to every one of you, and then i thought, why no teach you exactly how to perform the same? ~ all, it is crucial wining card to have actually in her inventory!

Love is all around. Love is everything. Love is… easy to learn. I will certainly teach girlfriend five different ways come express your love to a significant other, according to 5 different degrees of intensity of love.

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1. I favor you in Thai

Let’s begin with the very first level! If you have started to favor someone, and simply desire to state it, walk ahead and also say:

ฉันชอบคุณ /Chãn chôrb khun na/ = “I favor you.”

/Khun/ is taken into consideration to it is in a more formal way to deal with someone.If girlfriend desire to be an ext casual around the totality thing, use words เธอ /theer/ instead.

ฉันชอบเธอนะ /Chãn chôrb theer na/ = “I favor you.” (more casual, puppy love)

2. I am fallout’s in love with you!

Let’s development to the next stage. If you already like someone and think the you room falling in love v them, you deserve to say:

ฉันกำลังตกหลุมรักคุณ /Chãn kam-lang dtòk-lum-rák khun/ = “I to be falling in the love hole of you.”

Does the straight translation sound a little bit weird? allow me explain:

ฉัน /Chãn/ = I/me (female speaker)ผม /Phõm/ = I/me (male spaker)กำลัง /kam-lang/ = am about to ตกหลุมรัก /dtòk-lum-rák/ = fall in the love holeคุณ /khun/ = of you.

While us don’t say falling in the “love hole” of friend in English, however simply to speak “falling in love with you”, in Thai, speak “falling in the love feet of you” is indistinguishable in an interpretation and intent to saying “falling in love v you” in English.

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Nothing worry. That works