If you are ever visiting Japan and also run right into a case where you require some assist from the locals, it helps to know just how to ask castle the appropriate questions. Perhaps the most an essential phrase that you learn how to say is “can friend speak English” in Japanese.

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It’s true the English is teach in the Japanese education system, yet the as whole results are comparable to how Americans learn Spanish or French in class. Some civilization can speak fairly well, yet the bulk of them no confident in your abilities.

By asking today’s phrase, you have the right to at the very least be polite and get confirmation from the listener prior to you begin asking them points in English.

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1) The Japanese Word for English
2) just how To ask “Can you Speak?”
3) Other methods To asking This concern
4) perform You recognize English?
5) focus On The blog post

The Japanese Word for English

The first thing to learn is the Japanese word because that “English” which is 英語 (eigo).

The an initial kanji in this word is 英 (ei) i beg your pardon is a prefix that method Britain and also the 2nd kanji 語 (go) is a suffix that means language.

So when they are an unified like this, the word literally method “the language the Britain” which of course is English.

Keep the word in mind due to the fact that it will be the central one in the phrases the follow.

There space actually fairly a few ways that you have the right to ask a person is they speak a language, know a language, etc.

But no matter which one of those forms you decide to use, friend will always use 英語 v it.

How come Ask “Can friend Speak?”


Sometimes you just want to ask a person if they are able to understand what you’re saying. You’re not really looking to hold an immediate conversation v them.

If you really simply needing to gain some simple help choose directions come the nearest train station than you have the right to ask the other human if they understand English.

すみません、英語がわかりますか?sumimasen, eigo ga wakarimasu ka?Excuse me, carry out you understand English?

If you ask a question choose this you might get someone that understands enough English come answer her question, however even if lock don’t know what you’re saying, they tho might be able to figure out what you desire by your non-verbal communication.

If you’ve obtained a map that you can suggest to, or the surname of the ar that you’re trying to find, then simply showing it come the other person can be a clear enough message to gain your allude across.

But regardless of what happens, you currently know many different means to ask human being if they recognize English.

Focus ~ above The Message

You can actually get pretty far in foreign nations without discovering the language as long as you space able to communicate in other means that people can understand.

Using pictures of what you’re looking for, or reflecting the name of locations you’re trying to get to can help.

But even though this strategies can work, that is lot more profitable when you know enough of the regional language come talk with someone and have a nice conversation.

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So if you’re even planning on visiting Japan, or really any kind of other nation that offers a various language than your own, climate be certain to invest some time learning straightforward words and phrases so that you have the right to talk through the human being you meet.

If friend have any question or comments, then let me know by leaving them down below. Thanks!