We proceed with the collection of posts dedicated to Christmas celebrations in the east countries, this particular day we pay fist to Armenia. Most Armenians celebrate Soorp Dznoont—Christmas — on January 6. The reasons for this unusual day emerge quite literally indigenous the pages of old history.

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The Armenians celebrate today as a significant Christian spiritual holiday, together with the Epiphany (baptism) and attend church solutions in your neighborhoods. Component of the routine is the “Blessing the Water, once water is blessed through the divine chrism symbolic the Christ’s baptism.

The Armenian Apostolic Church still provides the old ‘Julian’ Calendar and also so Christmas is commemorated on January 6th. The Christmas vacation season start on new Year’s eve (December 31st) and continues till the old Julian calendar’s new Year’s eve on January 13th.

Some civilization do storage on December 25th, however not Christmas yet Soorb Stepanos Day (St Steven’s day). In most other nations St Stephen’s work is on December 26th or Boxing Day!

Santa Claus Gaghant Baba / Kaghand Papa traditionally come on brand-new Year’s night (December 31st) since Christmas Day chin is believed of as an ext of a religious holiday in Armenia.

In Armenian Happy/Merry Christmas is Shnorhavor Amanor yev Surb Tznund (Շնորհավոր Ամանոր և Սուրբ Ծնունդ) (which means ‘Congratulations for the divine Birth’).


At the start of December a big Christmas Tree (Tonatsar) is put up in Republic Square in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

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Favorite and traditional Holiday foods in Armenia encompass Anooshaboor (Armenian Christmas Pudding), Khozee bood (glazed ham) and also dried fruits. Every residence is prepared with lots of sweets due to the fact that anyone could knock on the door and come in for a party!

Like in the ahead post, we close this one by sharing one Armenian Christmas Carol.

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