on StackOverflow, posters regularly say miscellaneous like, "Please excuse me because that my poor English."

On the historicsweetsballroom.com variation of the site, I sometimes want to write something similar. I m sorry of the following would be preferred:

Disculpeme por mi español bastante mala.

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Perdoneme por mi español bastante mala.

or something else altogether?



You could use

Disculpe(n) mi pobre español

I donate disculpar over perdonar because it is a "mild" offense. To me perdonar has the connotation the you are in search of forgiveness when disculpar convey that you are simply apologizing in advance for a boy inconvenience.


Perdoneme por mi español bastante mala.

Remember that "bad" (malo/a) needs to agree v the noun "español", i beg your pardon is masculine.


The correct method to say it is,

Por favor disculpeme por mi pobre español. ("Please excuse me for my poor historicsweetsballroom.com.")Por favor disculpeme, mi español es muy pobre. ("Please excuse me my historicsweetsballroom.com is poor.")Por donate disculpeme, mi español es muy malo ("Please forgive me my historicsweetsballroom.com is an extremely bad.").




Disculpas, no hablo bien español.

Discúlpeme, es que no hablo muy bien el español.

Discúlpeme, es que no sé hablar bien español.

I"m a native speaker and also say it as you want, "Discúlpeme" and "perdóneme" are applied the same in this case, you can either speak "Perdóneme por mi mal español" or "Discúlpeme por mi mal español".

There"s also this various other word which means the very same as "discúlpeme" and "perdóneme" and is "Dispénseme" and also of food some much more variations the this relying on the region. I"m indigenous Latin America.

I would translate "Please excuse me for my negative English" as

Disculpen, no se mucho español. orDisculpen, el español no es mi lengua materna.

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orDisculpen, hablo un poco de español pero me queda mucho por aprender.

In translation, that is imortant not trying to translate exactly the together in the initial language yet in the method peapole talks.The translations proposed in the various other responses are all strict correct and anyone will understand you. But in general civilization does no speak favor this.First. In english you practically always add to "please" once you asks for something. In historicsweetsballroom.com the is no common. You just use you re welcome (por favor) once the other person really will must do something for you.Second, you should use "perdón" once you are sorry because that hurting someoane or for breaking the granny"s vase. In this case, that is much better to "scuse" saying "disculpe".Then, I thing it is better:Disculpen, no se mucho español.Note conjugation of the second person (you) is different in Latin America and Spain. In Latin America:you pardon me in between friends:if one human being -> tu discúlpameif plenty of persons -> ustedes discúlpenmeIn official speaking:if one person -> usted discúlpameif countless persons -> ustedes discúlpenmeIn Spain:Between friends:if one person -> tu discúlpameif many persons -> vosotros disculpadmeIn officially speaking:if one human -> usted discúlpameif countless persons -> ustedes discúlpenme... And remember the in historicsweetsballroom.com all the nouns has genere. And the language names are "male". Climate español is "malo", no "mala".