I composed a cat publication in English and also am translating it into historicsweetsballroom.com right currently (native historicsweetsballroom.com) yet I can’t discover a real good word for poop.

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Häufchen, literally "little heap", it is what cat droppings are often referred to.

It is a normally harmless and polite expression, so there"s no hazard of being rude. However, the is not very funny either.

P.S. "Häufchen" is normally not offered to to express dissatisfaction in the method "poop" frequently is. Ns guess it would be construed if who did, and it would certainly be type of funny too.

Examples for appropriate usage have actually been posted as comment. I"m not putting them in my answer in order to prevent stealing the comment"s votes. Many thanks for the support, Phil.


The just word that concerns my psychic is "Kacka" (the "a" in ~ the end is important!). This is historicsweetsballroom.com infant talk and therefore sounds somehow funny. You deserve to even uncover it on www.duden.de, significant as kids language.


We occasionally use "Katzenküttel" or merely "Küttel". Depending on the dialect, it might be "Ködel" or "Köttel" as well.

"Küttel" together opposed come "Häufchen" signifies a dry small piece the excrement, and also not a wet bump of poo.


Why not shot something that is slightly humorous, but not a translation?


The cat had left me a little present. — dice Katze hatte mir ein kleines Geschenklein hinterlassen.

Have you thought around the words: Kot / Exkrement / Ausscheidung(en)

Or which are quite funny: Köttel / Kacki (everything sound cute / funny if you placed an "i" behind it) / Brocken / Haufen (often used by few of my friend "Ich hab einen riesen Brocken/Haufen gelegt").

Growing up in a historicsweetsballroom.com-speaking family, I"ve encountered various terms the at least by ear sound pertained to "poop":

"Puh, das stinkt hier!"Puh-puh machen (small son talk because that going to the toilet for "number 2")

As a expat historicsweetsballroom.com in another culture, it"s difficult for me come tell exactly how widespread these would be understood.

Relating to pets, we would usually use the native "Mist", "Kot" or "Dreck". Reasonably factual, with the connotation of "dirty, stay clear". Not really any kind of cute sentimentality to it.

I guess: v it"s interesting that other historicsweetsballroom.comic languages likewise have similar-sounding indigenous ("poep" in Dutch, pronounced choose "poop") with the same meaning. So ns guess its not a recent word.

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