El servicio postal, likewise called el correo or la oficina de correos, is the means you describe the post office in historicsweetsballroom.com.

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If girlfriend ever discover yourself visiting or life in a historicsweetsballroom.com-speaking country, learning to talk about the write-up office is essential. Also with all the technologic breakthroughs in electronic communication, the short article office remains important and also relevant!

The duty of la oficina de correos is to send, receive, order, handle, transmit, and also deliver letter (including packages) in ~ a country or internationally.

While mail may be slower than a message or an email, the postal business is the best way to send packages, letters, and important original-copy documents!

In this blog post, learn all you need to recognize to discuss the short article office in historicsweetsballroom.com.


Let’s Talk about Letters in historicsweetsballroom.com


Imagine you’re life in a historicsweetsballroom.com-speaking country and also you desire to send your family and also friends a letter detailing all your adventures and new life—or you’re prepared to send off your arsenal of devoted postcards and also souvenirs.

How would you perform it?

Las cartas (letters) are the most popular objects sent out through the write-up offices. As one of the oldest forms of person communication, letters continue to hold value in connecting you to her friends, family, and even regional businesses.

Here is part historicsweetsballroom.com vocabulary on some different varieties of letters:

La cartaLetter
La carta informalInformal letter
La carta formalFormal letter
La carta muy formalVery official letter
La carta familiarFamily letter
La carta informativaInformative letter
La carta personalPersonal letter

Structure of a Letter in historicsweetsballroom.com

Depending on her letter’s goal and its recipient, you will need to think about the complying with structural elements of a letter:

La estructura de la cartaThe letter structure
El membreteLetterhead
El lugar y la fechaPlace and date
El saludoGreeting
El cuerpo de la cartaBody that the letter
La despedidaFarewell
La firmaSignature
El nombreName
La posdata o P.DPostscript or P.S


Labeling your Envelope in historicsweetsballroom.com

Now the you recognize the different species of cards the exist and also their structure, learn to brand your envelope prior to you send it through the write-up office!

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El sobreEnvelope
La estampilla / el sello postalStamp
El remitenteSender
El destinatarioRecipient
El nombreName
La direcciónAddress
El código postalZip code
La referenciaReference

But, what if what you must send no fit in one envelope?

Items come Send v the mail in historicsweetsballroom.com

We all recognize that letters aren’t the only items come go through the write-up office!

At this allude in history, you can order virtually anything you deserve to imagine to be delivered to your house through the mail. Here are a couple of options of items in historicsweetsballroom.com the are sent through the mail:

El paquetePackage
La paqueteríaParcel
El dineroMoney
Las remesasRemittances
Los documentosDocuments
Las encomiendasParcel
Las medicinasMedicine
Los productos no perecederosNon-perishable products
Los dulcesCandies
Los regalosGifts
Las compras por internetOnline shopping
La ropaClothes
Los zapatosShoes
Los electrónicosElectronics
Los objetos tecnológicosTechnology

The article Office in historicsweetsballroom.com

Let’s explore vocabulary around the article office as a physical space and the civilization who work-related there.

Describe your Local short article Office in historicsweetsballroom.com

All post offices are different, also those that space in the same country! The following list of adjectives provide you easy access to define your local post office in historicsweetsballroom.com.

La oficina postal es / La oficina de correos es:The write-up office is:
Example historicsweetsballroom.com Sentences

La oficina postal cerca de mi casa es lenta al hacer el envío.The postal office close to my house is slow to ship.

La oficina postal es muy limpia y eficiente.The write-up office is yes, really clean and also efficient.

En el pueblo, hay una oficina postal pequeña.In the town, there is a small postal office.


historicsweetsballroom.com Vocabulary: inside the article Office

The post office is a unique place with specific items inside that you won’t discover anywhere else. But, like any other government office, the has basic furniture items choose desks and shelves.

Here are some more things friend can discover in a write-up office:

El correoMail
El correo internacionalInternational mail
El correo militarMilitary mail
El paquete fragilFragile package
La mercaderíaMerchandise
La tarjeta postalPostcard
Las órdenes de pagoMoney orders
Los pasaportesPassports
El apartado de correosPost Office box / P.O box
Las estanteríasShelves
Las carretasWagons/Carts
El buzonMail box
El mostradorDesk
Los sellosSeals
La papeleríaStationery


Now, that is in fee of relocating all that stuff around and also making the article office as reliable as that is?

Post office workers!

Post Office workers in historicsweetsballroom.com

It’s not only el cartero (mailman) that makes everything run smoothly at the short article office. Right here is a perform of post office workers in historicsweetsballroom.com.

Personal de la oficina postal / de correosPost office workers
El an individual de repartoDelivery staff
El carteroMailman / Mail transport / Postman
La mensajera / La carteraMailwoman / Mailcarrier / Postwoman
El clasificador / La clasificadora de correoMail sorter
La atención al clienteCustomer Support
El/La recepcionistaReceptionist
La administraciónAdministration

At this point, we’ve covered exactly how to define your write-up office, what’s inside it, and who works there.But what else have the right to we learn around the article office in historicsweetsballroom.com?

Some other important actions we deserve to take if there!

What to perform at the post Office in historicsweetsballroom.com

Between sending and receiving a letter and also a postcard or a package, there space plenty other actions that occur inside the article office. Right here are few of them in historicsweetsballroom.com:

CertificarTo certificate
ComprarTo buy
Comprar estampillasTo buy stamps
DespacharTo ship
DistribuirTo distribute
Declarar en AduanaTo carry out a customizeds declaration
EncargarTo location an order
EntregarTo deliver
Enviar el correoTo send the mail
FirmarTo sign
LlegarTo arrive
Llenar una formaTo fill out a form
OrdenarTo arrange
PagarTo pay
Pagar el arancelTo pay the tariff
Pagar impuestosTo pay taxes
PesarTo weight
Recibir el correoTo obtain the mail
RecogerTo pick up
ReembolsarTo reimburse
RegresarTo return
Repartir el correoTo deliver de mail
SellarTo Seal

You’ve gained all you must prepare or receive your mail. Let’s watch some usual historicsweetsballroom.com phrases to rise your conversational skills to a totality other level.

Common historicsweetsballroom.com phrases to usage in the article Office

You are almost ready come send your package, but you still have actually some questions about the shipping and also prices. Right here are some examples on exactly how to express her concerns.


Necesito enviar este paquete a Estados Unidos.I should send this package come the joined States.

Necesito enviar esta carta a Estados Unidos.I need to send this letter to the united States.

¿Qué precio tiene el envío?What is the price of shipping?

¿Pueden pesar el paquete aquí?Can you weigh the package here?

¿Cuál es el límite de peso por paquete?What is the weight limit per package?

¿Qué precio necesito mi estampilla?What price carry out I require for my stamp?

¿Hay que hacer una declaración de aduana?Do I need to make a customs declaration?

¿Cuentan con envíos express?Do you have express delivery?

¿Puedo enviar paquetes frágiles?Can i send fragile packages?

¿En cuánto tiempo recibirá mi carta mi mamá?How long will that take for my mom to obtain my letter?

Practice her Order

¡Buenos días! Necesito enviar esta carta y este paquete a Estados Unidos. Me gustaría hacerlo por envío express, y con la advertencia de paquete frágil porque envío algunas galletas y dulces. ¿Es posible hacerlo? Además quisiera comprar unas cuantas estampillas y postales. Muchas gracias.

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Good morning! I have to send this letter and also this package to the joined States. Ns would like to do it by express delivery, and also with the warning of breakable packages since I am sending some cookies and also candies. Is it feasible to perform it? Also, i would choose to to buy a few stamps and postcards. Thank you very much.

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