English hatchet or phrase:I like the means you smile!
Japanese translation:Egao ga suteki desune.

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Entered by: petia (X)

23:50 may 8, 2002
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English hatchet or phrase: I prefer the means you smile!
I choose the way you smile!
petia (X)


This human being is a Certified pro in English come JapaneseClick the red seal for much more information on what it way to it is in a Certified PRO. ", this, event, "300px")" onMouseout="delayhidetip()"> Kaori MyattFranceLocal time: 01:22

4 +2笑顔が素敵ですね。This human is a Certified agree in English to JapaneseClick the red seal for much more information top top what it way to be a Certified PRO. ", this, event, "300px")" onMouseout="delayhidetip()">Kaori Myatt


Explanation:君 (kimi) = friend 笑顔 (egao) = smile/smiling face 好き (suki) = like/love This is the means a guy can say it come a woman.AyeJayLocal time: 16:22Native speak of:
EnglishPRO pts in pair: 2
JapanesePRO pts in pair: 148
Explanation:あなた(anata) = you 笑顔(egao) = smile, the way you smile 好きです = choose because that both genders. 微笑み(hohoemi) also way smile. あなたの微笑みが好きです。 napiko

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