They say the “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” (各花入各眼 gok3 faa1 jap6 gok3 ngaan5). There are various ways come say beautiful in Cantonese ( 美麗 mei5 lai6). But prior to we learn about those words, permit us first define what is beauty? As identified in the dictionary, beauty is a combination of features that pleases the aesthetic senses, particularly sight. However today, through stereotypes and discrimination, beauty beauty is a vulnerable subject.

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The an interpretation of beauty has been consistently evolving. Nowadays, many people think that beauty starts the moment you decision to it is in yourself. Who that has the ship to display their true identity despite flaws and imperfections. Appreciating one’s beauty, no matter just how simple, is a good value that we need to have.

Hong Kong: A Beautiful ar Filled v Beautiful People


Hong Kong is a Chinese nation with its own beautiful culture that is well-preserved by the Hong Kongers. Although some might think the Chinese countries are method too similar to one another, Hong Kong has its beautiful gems and treasure the it can really call its own.

One the these jewel is, of course, their people. Neighborhood Hong Kongers are very specific in preserving their culture. They may share some fundamental core worths from Mainland Chinese, yet their pride in their heritage makes them among a kind. Understanding their culture, ideals, and also customs will certainly make you autumn in love not simply with the country yet with the people.

Another gem is your language which is Cantonese. Back Mainland Chinese considerably influence Hong Kongers, they use various Chinese languages. Hong Kongers usage Cantonese while Mainland Chinese use Mandarin. Right here are some words indigenous the Cantonese language the is pertained to beauty that is straightforward to learn:

1. 美麗 (mei5 lai6)

English Translation: Beautiful

This is the common and also easiest Cantonese word come say beautiful in Cantonese. 美麗 (mei5 lai6) can be used in almost any situation, both formal and also informal.

2. 靚 (leng3)

English Translation: Pretty

Another way to say beautiful in Cantonese is 靚 (leng 3). Beautiful way attractive and possessing beauty, if pretty means pleasant in senses. If girlfriend wonder as soon as to use pretty or beautiful, over there are plenty of arguments and rules depending on your subject. But for now, this is a good starting point.

3. 有魅力 (jau5 mei6 lik6)

English Translation: Charming; Attractive

If friend are brand-new in the country and meet a good-looking person, 有魅力 (jau5 mei6 lik6) can additionally be provided to describe them. This has much more cutesy vibes 보다 the very first two.

4. 搶眼 (coeng2 ngaan5)

English Translation: Eye-catching

Some points will definitely record your eye the very first time you experienced them. This is the ideal word to explain that amazing thing friend see.

5. 璀璨 (ceoi1 caan3)

English Translation: Dazzling

Have you ever before been to a formal party wherein ladies wear elegant and shiny dresses while gentlemen undertake suits and ties? This is most likely one the the perfect examples to usage this word.

6. 靚女 (leng3 neoi5) and also 靚仔 (leng3 zai2)

English Translation: beautiful girl and handsome boy

If you desire to explain a girl or a young specifically, you can use this words. If friend know exactly how to explain the beauty of a woman, you should likewise know exactly how to explain the beauty beauty of a man.

Now the you have actually learned the different ways to say beautiful in Cantonese, the next thing you must do is to practice the pronunciation. You re welcome make sure to say these words correctly because the pronunciation of the characters is important in the Chinese language.

Different ways To usage Beautiful In Cantonese



Take note, if you occur to conference the phrase 你真漂亮!(ni zhen piao liang!), do no be confused because it is the Mandarin translation because that “You’re yes, really beautiful!”. Just prefer what is proclaimed above, Mandarin and Cantonese room both Chinese, however they have actually differences. If you desire to know an ext about the difference in between Mandarin in Cantonese, yes a different blog because that you.

Just prefer what David Hume said, “Beauty in points exists in the mind which contemplates them.” us all understand that physical beauty will certainly fade, but inner beauty will certainly last forever. Learning the different words to say beautiful in Cantonese is just a an easy gesture to show your evaluation in the Cantonese language. Having the plan to find out this is proof that you have actually seen other beautiful in this language. This could be a authorize that you are ready for your following step — learn much more Cantonese words and phrases.

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