I"m a student and I"ve been gaining interested in historicsweetsballroom.com. Ns really favor experiments and also was brainstorming of feasible things to shot out, one of them was separating a homogeneous mixture. I thought of street water and tried feather it up online however couldn"t discover anything like I wanted. Every little thing says to use crystallization yet I don"t understand why friend can"t simply boil far water and be left v sugar like you have the right to with salt water. Anyways, what methods/ways deserve to I separate sugar from water?


If you begin with a recognized "pure" mixture of sugar and also water, then what you suggest is fine, come an extent, if you are just after separating the two ingredients.

Crystallisation is a purification an approach for extracting a solid native solution; the will allow you to separate pure solute indigenous the solvent. The staying solution would still save a small amount of dissolved material, and also hopefully all of your impurities.

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If you wanted to isolate pure solvent native the solution, friend would have to use distillation. After collecting the distillate, you would certainly be left v a gummy residue of semi-decomposed street (and her impurities).

Sugar is hygroscopic, and also starts decomposing at just over 180°C (~365°F). The trouble that girlfriend would have with your proposed method is the in stimulate to remove the final remnants of the water, friend will need to warm well over the boiling point of water. Google "making caramel" if girlfriend can"t think that what will happen. Even a very small amount that decomposition of your sugar will average you room left through an impure solid. Ago to square one. The reason that you have the right to simply boil the water off salt is the it is far much more stable and also can it is in heated safely to much higher temperatures.

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So, there are a couple of ways to separate these two ingredients, relying on your finish goals:

To collect just solute (sugar): heat over very low warmth to evaporate as much water as possible to offer yourself a saturation solution. Then crystallise sugar and filter (in the lab you"d wash with a perfect solvent and also dry under vacuum)To collect just the solvent (water): distill over moderate heat to collect water. To collect as much as possible, the heat used to boil off the solvent needs to be gradually increased, especially as you approach the last portion.To collection both solute (sugar) and also solvent (water): girlfriend would eliminate solid first, then distil solvent. Uneven you are beginning with a saturation solution, girlfriend would should do a partial distillation to remove some solvent, then crystallise her sugar, then finish the distillation. You"d still it is in left through a horrible brown gummy residue.

Sounds choose a great home project, though. Simply be certain to have done some perfect research to permit you to exploit your materials if it doesn"t quite go to plan :-)