If you space at world Fantasy Con ideal now, you have an iHome clock radio in your room. The looks like this:


The iHome clock radio is an extremely popular v hotels everywhere the world. It functions an iphone dock (with the now-obsolete 30-pin connector) and easy-to-use controls through instructions printed right top top the top. Unfortunately, one of the things that is NOT covered by this instructions is just how to readjust the time. Very few people, consisting of hotel staff, know exactly how to adjust the time setting on this clock, which means that — specifically in the days and also weeks following a change to or indigenous Daylight savings Time — the time shown is incorrect and also it is frustratingly difficult to adjust it.

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I have identified how to perform it, and also I’m going come share it with you now.

Turn the clock radio around and also look at the back:


You’ll check out a horizontal bar the plastic with a knurled knob at the right finish (it’s simply to the left of the white wires in the photograph above). This knob is in reality a thumbscrew. Twisted it counterclockwise come unfasten it.


When you have actually unfastened the thumbscrew, the totality horizontal bar comes turn off (it hooks in in ~ the left end), revealing buttons labeling TIME ZONE and CLOCK ADJ and (on some models) a switch labeled DST.

If your clock has a DST switch, it has three positions: AUTO, OFF, and +1. The AUTO position is supposed to choose the proper Daylight to save Time setup automatically. (But if that were working, us wouldn’t be here.) The +1 setting advances the clock through one hour. (In mine case, that changed it indigenous being off by one hour to being off by two hours.) and also the OFF setup gives up on the totality idea and also lets you set the time yourself.

To change the time, press and also hold the CLOCK ADJ button until the clock beeps and also the time display screen blinks, then rotate the right-hand disc on the top of the clock to readjust the time behind or forward. As soon as you have the exactly time, push the CLOCK ADJ button repeatedly until the time is shown again. You’re done!

To replace the horizontal bar, hook it into the hole at the left end, waver it earlier into place, and refasten the thumbscrew.

Please link to this web page utilizing the indigenous iHome, clock, radio, and also hotel in the connect so that civilization can discover it and readjust the time on your hotel clocks. Future hotel guest will thank you.

Ann Carper respectable 18, 2017 in ~ 12:36 pm

Thanks for this reason much! simply wasted about an hour the our holidays trying to number this out, before my partner discovered your article. (Loved all of the other appreciative comments, too!)

Ann C. Respectable 18, 2017 at 8:11 pm

We wasted one hour the vacation pushing every button in every combination until my companion googled the question and also found her site. Thanks so much. I have actually shared the attach on 2 FB pages connected with this resort.

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