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Hello!I have actually a 49cc gas scooter and also the other day the pull begin assembly broke.I took the pullstart off and the plastic has actually been cracked all-over the inside. Truthfully, i don"t have actually the money come buy a brand-new pull-start and since this is one oem brand ns am pretty sure that the pullstart repair kit wont work.I was just wondering if over there are any type of ways to start an engine without the pullstart? Powerdrill (I have actually no idea?!)?Thanks,Evader
I am not any type of knowledgeable ~ above engines, so I have no idea what a seed on the fly is?I took a photo so ns don"t have actually to try and describe it...

When looking in ~ the engine yesterday, I experienced that the point that the circular point that turns that is linked to the pullstart has a red and black wire associated to it. Is there anyway I can use some sort of battery to jump-start it? (It does not have electric start, only pull).Just another idea, because really I have actually no idea what i am talking about.Thanks because that the help,Evader
It"s about a year old, yet I bought it from part no-name company and the scooter is a no-name brand.It had actually a warranty extending it because that the very first month ;0 ... Yet thats it.Anyone else have any type of ideas on exactly how to start this bugger?
If it has actually a clutchTry pushing it and pop the clutch better yet one human being on cycle while one more pushesBe certain the gas and vital is on.
I cant really tell what im looking at, however i suggest a strength drill and a socket ~ above the nut in the middle.

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could you placed a a starter cup that a rope would wind roughly like the real old mowers go ? ns think that would work-related , you would just need to fnd among those old layout cups and also put that on under the seed ,
buy a brand-new one native the noname agency with the warrenty swap engines top top them ship the brand-new one earlier with the damaged engine and get your mony back. :thumbsup:
You can"t jump start it v a battery because it doesn"t have actually a starter. Friend might be able to take that to her local little engine repairman and find something to fit off an additional engine on the cheap. Occasionally these turn off brand engines try to mimic surname brands, you could get lucky and also find something to work. Do you have pics the the item that broke?
Send us a pic the the damaged part. Probably you can reinstall it v oversized washers. I don"t understand where friend reside, yet here in the Toronto area we have a store referred to as Princess Auto Supply and they regularly have overun components for sale, countless of the indigenous the no name variety, they likewise have briggs & stratton and honda engines plus many chain saw engines for sale.
for 12.95 never harms to try
i had actually that same trouble on my bag bike and also i juss supplied a strength drill and also a socket peice it fired up right away:thumbsup:
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