I have actually been looking for weeks because that a resolution to my problem.I recognize very little about editing and enhancing html and I have tried the solutions posted on this site however none the them appears to work.

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I am using the "Just Plain" theme and that is a template that to be created prior to the brand-new photoset layout. Ns don"t think it has actually been updated, since I cannot uncover block:Photos /block:Photos all over within the themes html.

I have actually edited the html to do the write-up size 750px however I"m fear that"s around as far as my an abilities with html go. I"m a finish novice.

If everyone could aid me disable the photoset role or resize the photos in a photoset to 750px and also have them show up one ~ each various other then I would certainly be an extremely grateful.

I would article the block of html that needs editing however like ns said, over there is no block whatsoever regarding photosets.

Sorry if this doesn"t make sense.

The tumblr in inquiry is http://nothingbutthe-truth.com

html set photo tumblr image-resizing
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this is just how I did it:


/block:Photos block:Caption
/block:Caption/block:PhotosetEverything inside the block:Photos tag will certainly be rendered because that each photograph in the set.So friend can specify your very own markup instead of relying on the listed iframe.

Inside this tags you deserve to work with the typical block-variables that the picture posts.http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/custom_themes#photo-posts

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answered Apr 16 "14 at 15:16

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If you desire to disable photosets entirely, just delete block:Photoset and also everything in between.

In regards to resizing, you deserve to actually readjust the size of the pictures used by an option by making use of Photoset-700 choose so:

block:Photoset Photoset-700 block:Caption
/block:Caption /block:PhotosetThis isn"t 750px exactly, but 700px should be near enough. I don"t think it"s feasible to obtain any higher resolution photos anyway so it"s the closest girlfriend can acquire to exact resolution.

You can learn an ext about developing themes here: http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/custom_themes#photoset-posts

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