As the name suggests, this is an extremely widespread taping style supplied by players from beginner to progressed level. Starting from the butt finish, you wrap the tape tightly roughly the shaft, overlapping on each rotate by in between a quarter and also a fifty percent of the tape"s width. When you have reached a suggest about one quarter of the method up the shaft, end up by wrapping a couple of directly turns.

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Half Box


This is similar in style to the traditional quarter, yet extfinishing further up the shaft. It, therefore, provides a small even more control for various hand also positions. As prior to, begin from the bottom of the stick and wrap tightly, overlapping the tape as you go, till you have actually reached the middle of the shaft. Double or triple wrap on the last revolve to finish.

Candy Cane


Can you guess wbelow this style of taping gained its name? If you like the look of this, you"ll have to begin with a few repeats, turns at the bottom of the shaft to give stcapability, and then turning your stick in your hands, wrap the tape at between a 30 and 45 degrees angle to the shaft. Different angles will offer you more or less carefully spaced "stripes". Continue to the middle of the shaft and wrap a few times to complete.

Criss Cross


If you"d choose to stand out on the lacrosse field, the "criss-cross" might be the one for you, it"s certainly distinctive. This style is pretty a lot a advance of the candy cane, starting in precisely the exact same method, yet when you"ve finished, flip the stick and carry out another candy cane pattern the oppowebsite means. The trick is keeping your angle regular to ensure the crosses match up in a directly line.

At the end of the day, there"s no appropriate or wrong style - how you tape your stick is entirely as much as you. You may desire to adapt one of the styles presented on this web page for your very own usage or come up through something new. Test out your wanted style in your following training game, or on your own making use of a lacrosse rebounder to make certain your grip and also create are correct and your shots are on targain.


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