How to earn a gold Medal at date of birth Party’s

Birthday parties come but once a year and also they are an occasion that shouldn’t be missed! lug cake, a gift, and a smile. Happy date of birth! If you desire to celebrate a birthday for your Sims you can select more then one together the birthday Sim. So once you have twins lock can period up in ~ the very same birthday party.

The minimum requirements to hold a birthday Party is a date of birth Cake. If you want to earn a gold medal in ~ the date of birth party you require to finish as plenty of goals until you filled up the social occasion bar. A date of birth Party is just one of the social occasions to can choose from the party list.


The first thing girlfriend will have to do is prepare for the birthday party. Set up a great party room or download one indigenous The Sims 4 Gallery. What objects carry out you need in the party room?

Put down enough seats for her guestsPlace a stereo so Sims deserve to listen come the music place food ~ above the table a card table come play gamings with a minimum of 3 chairsplace one music instrument in the roombaking the date of birth Cake

If you desire to hosts a date of birth party for one of your Sims you need a cake. You deserve to make a cake yourself or let the Caterer execute it. You can make a Chocolate Cake, White Cake or also a Hamburger Cake if you have the Digital luxurious upgrade. When the cake is done, make sure you placed birthday candles on the cake by clicking the cake and also select the option. If your center is going to bake the cake his/herself you deserve to bake it in advance and placed in the inventory. You can pull the small cake out during the birthday Party.

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Tips to earn a yellow MedalSpend part Simoleons on great quality Caterers, Entertainers and Mixologists.Have much more then one birthday sim so girlfriend can finish the purposes faster


Get the party started!

When girlfriend have every little thing ready because that the party it’s time to put it in motion. Go to your phone and click on plan a society Event. Choose Birthday Party to get an ext options about who the birthday is for and also who you want to invite. Now choose the Sims that is celebrating her/his birthday, this deserve to be much more then one Sim. Next invite the guests. Select every member indigenous your family so they can additionally complete goals. If girlfriend have enough money you can hire extra center to become a caterer, mixologist or entertainer. Choose the place where you want to organize your party. This can additionally be in ~ a to meet if girlfriend like.

Complete Goals

You require to complete a lot of goals to hold a gold medal party. Every center can complete goals, this contains invited guests. With every birthday party over there is a an option with objectives to complete, not all goals detailed below will come up in ~ every party but it’s recommended to prepare for it in instance they do.

Main goal

For your event to it is in at every successful, you must accomplish the key goal. If you finish the main goal friend will obtain a copper Reward. In bespeak to gain a silver- or gold medal you need to complete the added goals show below the key goal.

Blow out the candles on the birthday cake!Select her Birthday Sim and click ~ above the cake come blow the end candles. This will period your sim up.

Additional goals

You require to complete a numerous of additional goals to acquire the yellow party medal. Great luck!

Make a group Meal 0/1Cook a party dimension or household size meal.Have Sims come to be Playful in ~ the very same Time 0/3The best way to carry out this is come place an object with a playful emotionally aura choose one the plumbob LampsTell Jokes 0/2Click top top a sim to phone call jokesHave the Birthday center Chat when Happy 0/1Get them in a happy mood and talk come guests.Compliment the date of birth Sim 0/4You have the right to only carry out this as soon as a sim is in a happy moodEat Cake 0/4After the Birthday center blew out the candles, guests deserve to grab a offer or girlfriend can speak to them to meal.Eat Food 0/4Prepare any kind of food and also call to enjoy the meal to let every guests eat.Have Sims listen to Music in ~ the same Time 0/3Put down a stereo and dance, ~ this you have the right to invite other Sim to dance v you.Play a game with the date of birth Sim 0/1This deserve to be chess or cards.Have Drinks 0/3Make drinks at the bar or hire a Mixologist. Click a glass to have a drink.Play Musical tools for 1 Hour 0/1Works through every instrument.

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Have Sims Playing gamings at the same Time 0/3This deserve to be chess, cards or at the computer.Have one Adult make a Toast 0/1Get a drink and also click on one of the birthday center to make a toast

Birthday Party Rewards

The only distinct item you can achieve is the ‘Balloons and a Banner’ object after you held a successful silver medal date of birth party. When you unlock this article you can place as countless as you want.