Whether you speak to it fairy hair or hair tinsel or sparkle hair, putting in this sparkly strands is much easier than you could think, when you obtain the hang of it.

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The fairy hair trend has been about for a when now. I’ve seen it in both kids and adults alike, and it’s so lot fun, no issue what period you are.

Fairy hair is a yes, really subtle method to add a tiny bit of fun and sparkle to her hair in a non-permanent way.

We’ve mutual fun hair jobs before, prefer our Kool assist Hair Dye Tutorial, however we really favor this one because of the non-permanent, non-damaging nature that hair tinsel.


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What Is Fairy Hair?

Fairy hair room small, sparkly or iridescent strands the hair tinsel that deserve to be attached strand by strand to your hair in ~ the root.

Hair tinsel deserve to last everywhere from 2 to eight weeks, and just falls out when your consistent hair does. It have the right to stand as much as your constant hair regimen of brushing, washing, and also even blow drying or curling.

Fairy hair is an excellent for holidays, parties, and also other festivities, yet we think it’s super fun for every job too!

Where To obtain Fairy Hair

You can gain fairy hair put in your hair at numerous salons, but it’s in reality super basic to perform at home. It just takes a few minutes to learn exactly how to placed it in, and also once you’ve master it, you have the right to have fun with hair tinsel anytime.

Having fairy hair put in by a skilled can obtain pricey too! most salons start at a minimum that $20 for simply 5 to 10 strands of fairy hair! It’s a lot much more economical to carry out it yourself.

While i haven’t watched hair tinsel accessible in stores, it is readily obtainable on Amazon.

We bespeak AMchoice Hair Tinsel. The kit comes with 2400 strands in 16 colors, so there is NO shortage of fun colors to use. It additionally includes a tool to use for installation, however we uncovered it less complicated to just do that by hand.

Each strand was 48 inches long. If friend have shorter hair, you can cut them in fifty percent and have actually even an ext of them to use.

What You’ll Need

You don’t require a ton of supplies to put in fairy hair, simply a couple of basic things you probably currently have roughly your house and the hair tinsel.



Fairy hair works ideal on hair that’s at the very least two inches long, because it have the right to be really daunting to connect to super brief hair.

You deserve to put fairy hair ~ above a boy of any kind of age. As lengthy as they can sit quiet to have actually it placed in, they can acquire fairy hair.

But be conscious that fairy hair may not stay in as long on children, because they tend to shed hair at a higher rate than adults.

How To placed In Hair Tinsel

Applying fairy hair is supervisor easy. The hair tinsel is basic to work-related with and also only bring away a few seconds to acquire attached when you have actually mastered the technique.

Fairy hair commonly lasts from two to eight weeks, yet I’ve heard of part people’s strands lasting as long as 2 years!!

You’ll want to start with a head the clean, dry, completely brushed hair. You really desire to job-related out every those tangles prior to you apply the hair tinsel.

Start by deciding exactly how much fairy hair girlfriend want and also where you desire it. Perform you want simply a couple of sparkles frame your confront or perform you desire sparkles everywhere?

Once you’ve made her decisions around where and how much hair tinsel to placed in, it’s time to begin with the actual application.

Isolate the source of the hair you desire to connect the fairy hair to utilizing hair clips come hold back other hair if necessary.

You’re walking to develop a slip knot on each strand the hair tinsel.

To do a slip knot in her hair tinsel, start by urgently the strand in half, recognize the center point.

Criss cross the tails the the strand to type a loop.

Pinch the loop in ~ the cross suggest between your thumb and your forefinger

Now put your fingers with the loop, and also grab the tail of the strand that crossed over the optimal of the various other strand and pull it right into your loop, forming another loop.

Complete the knot by pulling increase on the loop till it cinches closed.

You can tighten her slip node by pulling on the finish of the strand that you traction in to kind the loop. Loosen by pulling on the loop.

Studio Knit has actually a an excellent post v pics and video of just how to tie a slip knot that is really advantageous for this process.


Now object a couple of strands that hair (3 come 5 strands for fine hair or 1 come 2 for thick hair) with the loop of the slipknot.

Pull the slip node tight and also move the loop as close to the source of the hair as you can.

We discovered it advantageous to ask the human being who was obtaining the fairy hair placed in to location a finger over spot wherein the strand was put in location to hold it there while us finished attaching it.

Now take it the strand that hair and also the hair tinsel and also tie the 2 of them with each other two or 3 times.

To complete attaching the hair tinsel, tie the 2 ends the the fair hair to every other, leave the hair out of the final knot.

Repeat this process with as many strands as you want, scattering lock evenly almost everywhere the hair.

To end up it off, trim the hair tinsel come the same size as the hair surrounding it.

Now you’ve acquired fairy hair!


It takes a couple of tries to really gain the hang of it, but by the 5th or sixth strand, you’ll have actually the process figured out and will be able to put castle in quickly.

Helpful Hair Tinsel Tips

If the hair tinsel is sliding under the hair and also doesn’t seem to desire to stay put, add a little bit of dry shampoo to the roots to include some texture. That should aid it save from moving

Want fairy hair to stay in as long as possible? add a tiny little bit of eyelash adhesive to the node to secure that in place.

Be extra gentle once brushing hair to protect against pulling your hair tinsel out and shot not come let hair get too tangle to avoid having to tug ~ above the fairy hair to obtain a tangle out.

Pay attention to the warm restrictions because that the brand the hair tinsel girlfriend use. Part brands space rated for greater heats than other brands. We supplied lowest setup for applying any kind of warm such as flat irons, curling irons, or punch dryers to our fairy hair.

How To remove Fairy Hair

Fairy hair is supervisor fun, but you may not desire to save it in forever.

If you desire to remove your fairy hair, you can simply traction it out. Many times it will pull the hairs it’s attached to out v it, and that have the right to be a tiny little painful.

You can always remove fairy hair by cut it out together well.



We uncovered that some strands lasted longer than others, and a couple of fell out the very first night they to be slept in. But due to the fact that we had so plenty of on hand, it to be super straightforward to replace them and keep going.

This was probably as result of my inept skills in applying the first few strands. The people we put in after ~ I got the cave of it have lasted much longer.

They’ve endured every job styling and also have also made it with a few hair washings! We’ll upgrade the article when we know the complete lifespan of just how long lock last because that us.

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Do girlfriend love fairy hair as much as us do? It’s together a fun way to include some sparkle to your look.