As friend answer demands for the fix up flavors and also fragrances that go into today’s on-trend customer products, you confront many challenges. One is converting these and other ingredient from liquid to powdered form. Today there is a versatile, extremely absorbent plating certified dealer that permits you to transform a broad selection of hydrophobic and hydrophilic liquids right into easy-to-use, free-flowing powders while carrying much more concentrated flavor and also fragrance. Uncover how N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent, native the Ingredion Idea Labs® development centers, is redefining plating in foods, beverages and beyond.

Plate liquids v the recent high efficiency plating technology

N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent transforms a wide selection of liquids, both oil- and also water-based, right into uniformly blended, flowable powders. Girlfriend can significantly improve processing efficiency when you use this agent through oils, special liquids, and also liquids the are daunting or expensive to spray dry. You can likewise plate both water- and oil-based liquids together for delivery in one system. Acquire the facts and also use N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating certified dealer in a wide range of applications:

FragrancesFlavorsPowdered beveragesSnacks and also crackersConfectionsInstant noodle seasoning mixesPowdered saucesVitaminsDry mix seasoning blends

Increased loading volume for an ext intense flavors

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Starting with indigenous corn starch, Ingredion scientists arisen a highly porous framework that enables much greater absorption. N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent enables you to carry up to a 40% load, depending upon the active used. The optimized fragment size, coupled with low bulk density (350-500 g/L) and increased surface ar area, allows a higher plating volume than typical carriers such together maltodextrin. With N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent, girlfriend can produce highly concentrated actives and vibrant seasonings in small volumes of powder, resulting in lower cost-in-use and reduced packaging costs.


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