Ok therefore my difficult drive is practically full on my brand brand-new macbook. I have too plenty of movies save to my hard drive top top iTunes. Is over there a method to delete them turn off the tough drive yet keep them obtainable on the cloud? Some are from iTunes others room the complimentary digital copies when friend buy the cd.

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Great question and I had actually to do these same actions myself recently. Over there is a complimentary feature that iTunes now offers calls iTunes in the Cloud. The very first article listed below explains this feature. This only applies to her iTunes purchases. However, iTunes Digital Copy items are usually thought about purchases and can be component of iTunes in the Cloud.

iTunes 11 for Mac: iTunes in the Cloud overview


Redeeming one iTunes Digital Copy


You likewise have the alternative of relocating her iTunes media to an outside drive.

iTunes: back up her iTunes library by copying to an outside hard drive



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I uncovered myself in the same instance with the very same MBA computer. Below are the measures to delete the downloaded variation of the movie off your hard drive, yet keep the iCloud version easily accessible in iTunes (note: I’m running iTunes variation 12.1.2):

1. Start iTunes

2. Goto iTunes (menu) —> preferences —> keep (tab)

3. Make sure “Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases” is CHECKED

4. In iTunes click the Filmstrip icon for her Movies list

5. In iTunes click on the “My Movies” tab

6. Right-Click or Control-Click top top the movie you want to delete native your regional drive

7. Native the paper definition menu select “DELETE”

8. Make sure “Also hide this movie in iCloud” is UNCHECKED

9. Click “Delete Movie” button

10. Next choose, “Move come Trash”

11. Finder —> north Trash (to free-up your hard drive space)

The movie title card will still be displayed in the iTunes movie list, but it will now have actually the tiny iCloud icon (in the bottom-right corner). You deserve to click that cloud symbol if you ever want to re-download the movie record to her local difficult drive.

NOTE 1: I have heard that occasionally movies and TV episodes get pulled native iTunes, so before you delete the m4v movie file, you may want come burn a copy come an outside DVD-R.

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NOTE 2: periodically there room multiple versions of the movie v smaller document sizes if you additionally have the movie save on your iPhone or iPad. Girlfriend can also choose to delete the movie from your mobile device if girlfriend desire.

If you desire to view all the version of the movie that are saved to her local hard disk journey (or SSD), or you would choose to burn a back-up copy, climate follow this route in the Finder…

Username —> Music —> iTunes —> iTunes Media —> movies

Then, just look within each movie folder come see various other versions, movie extras, etc.