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While Dracula's castle looks huge at first glance, there's more to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night than meets the eye. This Castlevania: Symphony of the Night walkthrough covers all endings, cheat codes, secret characters, and achievements in the PS4 version.

Cheats in this article apply to the re-release of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as part of Castlevania Requiem for PS4.


Worst EndingDefeat Richter.
Bad EndingDefeat Richter while wearing the Holy Glasses.
Good EndingDefeat Dracula.
Best EndingDefeat Dracula with at least 196% map completion.
Richter's EndingBeat the game as Richter.
Maria's EndingBeat the game as Maria.

How to Unlock the Second Castle

You can beat the game as soon as you obtain the Soul of Bat, but if you want to unlock the second castle and see the true ending, then you'll have to put in considerably more effort:

Go to the clock room in the Marble Gallery, then equip both rings to open a path to the Holy Glasses.

Equip the Holy Glasses and confront Richter, then attack the orb that floats above his head until it breaks.

Once the orb is defeated, the path to the second castle will open. You'll then have to collect five of Dracula's body parts to unlock the path to the final battle in the center of the castle.

Pay close attention to unexplored areas on the map. You'll have to backtrack as you obtain items and abilities that allow you to progress through each castle.

How to Play as Richter and Maria

After defeating Dracula and getting "CLEAR" on your save file, start a new game, and enter "RICHTER" or "MARIA" as the name to play as Richter Belmont or Maria Renard, respectively. Richter and Maria can't equip items like Alucard, but they can use sub-weapons, and they have a few unique moves.

Castlevania: SOTN Cheat Codes and Unlockables

There are more secrets you can unlock after getting a CLEAR save file.

Begin with the Axe Lord Armor, which turns you into an Axe Lord.Obtain a CLEAR save file and start a new game with the name AXEARMOR.
Begin with a luck stat of 99.Obtain a CLEAR save file and start a new game with the name X-X!V"Q.
Begin with a higher intelligence stat and a lower strength stat.Obtain a CLEAR save file and start a new game with the name X-X!V".
Unlock the Sound Test option in the library.Beat the game with 196% map completion.
DuplicatorObtain a CLEAR save file and purchase from the Master Librarian.
Ring of VardaObtain a CLEAR save file and defeat Parantrophus enemies.

Alucard's Spells

You'll discover hidden tomes that tell you how perform Alucard's special moves, but you can use them from the beginning, if you already know the button combinations.

SpellMP RequiredCombo
Hellfire15 MPUp, Down, Down+Right, Right, Square
Summon Spirit5 MPLeft, Right, Up, Down, Square
Soul Steal50 MPLeft, Right, Down+Right, Down, Down+Left, Left, Right, Square
Dark Metamorphosis10 MPLeft, Up+Left, Up, Up+Right, Right, Square
Tetra Spirits20 MPHold up for 2 seconds, then press Up+Right, Right, Down+Right, Down, Square.
Wolf Charge (Must be in Wolf form and have Skill of Wolf)10 MPDown, Down+Right, Right, Square
Sword Brothers (Requires Sword Brothers familiar)30 MPDown, Down+Right, Right, Up+Right, hold Up for 2 seconds, Down, Square
Wing Smash (Must be in bat form)8 MPHold X and press Up, Up+Left, Left, Down+Left, Down, Down+Right, Right, then release X.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Easter Eggs

Castlevania: SOTN contains many references to other games in the series as well as other Easter eggs:

The Fairy's Song: Get the Fairy Familiar to level 8, then sit in any chair. If you wait a bit, the Fairy will serenade Alucard.Castlevania III Reference: The trio of bosses in the Inverted Coliseum are zombified versions of Alcucard's companions from Castlevania II: Dracula's Curse, Trevor Belmont, Grant Dynasty, and Sypha Belnades.Joseph’s Cloak: While wearing Joseph's Cloak, you can change the colors of the cloak by going into the Systems Menu."Alucart" Equipment: You'll find the items that Death stole from you in the top section of the clock room. When you equip the set, Alucard's name will change to "Alucart" in the menu.

Castlevania Requiem Collection Achievements

Castlevania Requiem includes dozens of new achievements for Symphony of the Night.

The Young HuntressDefeat Slogra and Gaibon.
You Are Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!Defeat the Succubus.
What Could It Be?Obtain the Holy Symbol relic.
Let The Bodies Hit The FloorDefeat Granfaloon.
Dracula’s CurseDefeat fake Trevor, Sypha, and Grant.
Continue Simon’s QuestDefeat all the classic Castlevania bosses and obtain Dracula’s Relics.
ShaftedPlay as Richter and defeat Shaft in the Inverted Castle.
To Forgive, DivineVisit the confessional in the Royal Chapel.
School of Hard KnocksSurprise the Master Librarian.
Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadDefeat all three of the denizens of Oz. 
Napsylvania: Lethargy of DisChairRelax in a chair long enough to catch some Z’s.
Bat Friends Forever!!Make friends with the Bat Familiar.
Aria of SorrowHear the song of the Fairy Familiar.
A Bird's LifeView the circle of life underneath the view of a telescope.
Chock FullEat a peanut.
Running on Schmooze ControlObtain the Crissaegrim weapon.
Whip First, Axe Questions LaterBecome an Axe Knight.
Make It RainMake money using the Jewel Sword.
Dawn of the DeadSummon each Dawn Warrior once.
Technicolor DreamsEquip Joseph’s Cloak and set custom colors for Alucard. 
Wish I Was A BallerEquip the Secret Boots to make Alucard a little bit taller.
Cowstlevania: Portrait of Mooin’Summon a cow using the Shield Rod or the Mablung Sword.
Scientific Progress goes BOINK!Purchase the Duplicator.
Spelling BeeCast each of Alucard’s spells at least once.
Vampire’s Greatest HitsObtain all of the transformation relics and associated upgrades.
From Axe Knight to ZombieComplete the Master Librarian’s Enemy List (excluding missable enemies).
Not to be UnderestimatedDefeat Richter without using the Holy Glasses from Maria.
Flip It and Reverse ItDefeat Richter using the Holy Glasses and unlock the Inverted Castle. 
Lisa, forgive me...Defeat Dracula in the Inverted Castle Center. 
Tracula...?!Collect and equip the full Alucart set.
Map LegendObtain 200.6% map completion.
Finish What Kid Dracula StartedDefeat Galamoth.

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