Kingdom mind 3: exactly how To Unlock the secret Ending video Every Kingdom Hearts game will always have hidden secrets, and Kingdom mind 3 keeps that legacy with its an enig ending. Here"s exactly how to uncover it.

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Kingdom hearts 3 Tangled
Here"s just how to find Kingdom mind 3"s an enig ending - and what it reveals about the story going forward.

From Frozen to Toy Story, the latest video game in the series weaves a beautiful narrative if visiting various worlds, all inhabited by the movies and games you already know and love. The ending of Kingdom understanding 3 does its best to tie whatever up in a quite bow, i m sorry is difficult based ~ above the convoluted story that its predecessors left because that it.

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But through the happy beach finishing aside, Kingdom mind 3 left a little an enig for the more dedicated gamers. A mystery video that perhaps provides a glimpse right into the future the the series. Here"s just how to achieve it.

Kingdom understanding 3 concealed Mickey
Accessing Kingdom mind 3"s secret ending video clip is actually fairly easy. Tedious, yet easy. Perform you know all those surprise Mickey"s scattered transparent the worlds? Well, that"s all you need, just find and tag them. Luckily friend don"t necessarily have to uncover every single one. The number is based on your play difficulty and breaks down favor this:

If you"re playing on Beginner, you will need to collect every 90 happy Emblems.If you"re on Standard, then you will require to discover 60 lucky Emblems.And Proud mode players will only need to collect 30 lucky Emblems to fulfill the unlock condition.

That"s all there is to it, now set forth and also beat the game. Once you watch the typical ending and also are returned to the main Menu a popup will tell you the there"s a brand-new video accessible to clock in the Theatre. Head come the theater menu and scroll every the way down come the bottom to uncover a new clip in the an enig Movie section called "Yozora". Sit earlier and gain your spoils.

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Kingdom hearts 3 Yozora
as with everything else in a Kingdom Hearts game, the secret ending is a little bit ambiguous. It reflects Sora waking up in a puddle on a city street in Japan. After Sora stands and also looks around it cut to Riku, and also we watch somebody watching him native atop a tower. That turns out to be Yozora, the protagonist the the game Verum Rex. Yozora climate holds his hands up to the moon developing a heart utilizing his fingers and also the title "Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts" shows up on the screen. Now, in the past, this sorts of mystery cutscenes and videos in Kingdom Hearts constantly gave a small hint to the future that the series. Will Reconnect be the next video game in the series? Re mental is the very first DLC, for this reason it didn"t connect there. Ns guess only time will certainly tell.

If you simply can"t be bothered to uncover all the surprise Mickeys and also unlock the video clip yourself then you have the right to just check it the end here: