Thank you, especially, because that this one here. Seeing all the percentages is at sight helpful.

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Screw girlfriend Cooltrainer Nick, never ever again shall i lose!

On a whim, I determined to come up with a setup for ensuring girlfriend filter out just the highest-quality Pokemon before you need to commit come throwing a ball. Here's the result.

Find a Ditto whose distinct IV is either 0, 1, 2, 8, 9, or 10. If friend don't currently have one ~ above hand, catch a fresh L10 Ditto and also if its unique stats are exactly 14, that's guaranteed to work; 16 has a 60% possibility of functioning (it to represent a variety of 7-11, i m sorry you deserve to narrow under as it levels up).

Go come Mt. Silver and catch a Misdreavus, i beg your pardon you deserve to only carry out at night.

Leave the Misdreavus and also the Ditto in daycare to gain an egg, climate wait because that the egg come hatch. If the L5 Misdreavus has actually special stats of 13, that works; if it's 14 climate you require to refuse it and try a brand-new egg.

Either put the hatchling Misdreavus in job care, and/or use a bunch of rarely candies ~ above it. You need to obtain it come level 36, the allude where that learns pains Split, without ever before filling the EV banks.

To gain the entirety thing in one day-care stint, you require 37,224 steps, which would certainly be around 80 minute of non-saw biking. But due to the fact that the daycare provides automatic move overwriting, and also since Growl is a good move because that wasting time, i think I'd like breaking the up right into two stints: first, leave Misdreavus in to get 7 levels (to 12), i beg your pardon takes much less than 3 minutes, take it it out for P800, walk to the relocate deleter and also delete Psywave/Spite/Confuse Ray, then placed it earlier for the other 24 (an added P2500). Currently its level 36 moveset will certainly be Growl/Mean Look/Psybeam/Pain Split.

Take your Misdreavus into battle versus a wild Spinarak/Koffing/Weedle/whatever. Usually you desire to face moves that have a poison chance until one of them works, while friend waste time through spamming the previously mentioned Growl. After ~ Misdreavus is poisoned, finish the fight by fleeing.

Run around and take poison damages until Misdreavus fall to exactly 46 HP left, then heal the poison somehow there is no restoring any more HP.

Go to the pest catching contest with Misdreavus together your lead, then save.

Bike around in the grass because that encounters. If it's anything other than a masculine L14 Scyther, operation away and shot again.

If it is a masculine L14 Scyther, use Pain break-up on rotate 1. If the Pain break-up causes Scyther's HP come drop, you're good. (It will drop from 47 come 46, and also it's okay to deal damage here as lengthy as friend don't take it listed below 40; something under the loses points.) If no one's HP changes, and Scyther didn't damages you in the median time, then operation away rotate 2. If your own HP reduce in the split, you can want to reset, uneven you have actually some method of gaining your HP calibrated back to specifically 46 or 47.

By checking for a Scyther who HP fall in a split with 46, we have actually ascertained the adhering to so far: HP IV must be at least 13, AT have to be odd and at the very least 9, DF should be odd, and also at least one the the various other two IVs need to be odd together well. The critical optimization us can inspect for is what required the procedure of getting all the method up to level 36 there is no filling in any EVs: Level 14 Scyther's moveset in this game is composed of fast Attack, Leer, emphasis Energy, and also Pursuit. Quick strike doesn't perform anything, and Leer doesn't do anything unless Scyther can run out of all its PP and also get to Struggle. The only move it have the right to hit you through is Pursuit, turn off a weak Special strike stat and a 22-level disadvantage. If the one-of-a-kind IV is low sufficient to hit Scyther's stat turn off its best by any kind of amount, climate Pursuit has just a 1/39 opportunity of handle 6 damage, through the remainder the the rolls handle 5--those room the lowest possible rolls anything can ever have with a supereffective attack in this games. But with its maximum possible Special strike of 24, that's just sufficient to relocate the damage range up to 6-8, with 7 the most likely outcome. So store spamming Growl to waste time till you capture Scyther utilizing Pursuit and watch the damage roll. If it's a 5, you can reset; if it's a 6 climate you're probably good but it could be worth an ext Growls and/or heal items come scout for data points, if it's 7 or 8 then you've definitely found it, impede a critical hit. Focus energy may aid the criticals come easier, yet if girlfriend see one of those, it's still a clean dichotomy: anything there is no maximum special will have 6-8 as its variety on a critical, when the maximums will hit 10-12, neatly eliminating any overlap in the variety at all.

Unfortunately, Misdreavus doesn't get any kind of sleep moves, and also the just Pain Splitter that does is Smeargle i m sorry is patently man to shot and collection up with the moveset it would certainly need. You can still usage potions so that Scyther's searches are in no risk of KO'ing you, but if girlfriend ever end a turn on exactly 34 or 35 HP, it might be worth utilizing a second Pain break-up just to mitigate the HP as far as you can without costing points, for that tiny boost to the catch rate. Through 20 Park Balls, you have an 86% possibility of one of them catching Scyther from 46/47 HP, or a 91% chance from 40/47.

In all, just 1 out of every 2048 encounters will certainly pass these checks (5% for Scyther, 50% for L14 instead of 13, and also 5/256 for all the forced IV bits), therefore there's probably going to it is in a bunch of resetting just since of the 20-minute limit. However when you do uncover a Scyther the passes, this rigorous gauntlet will certainly ensure that it's worth at least 372 points, enough that even Camper Barry and Cooltrainer Nick can't beat you.

Doing something similar for Pinsir allows you come scout because that a minimum conventional of 362 points, which may not be sufficient if one of two people Barry or Nick catches a Pinsir, however does beat anything else you deserve to be up against. Misdreavus is immune to Pinsir's entire moveset, so you don't gain to test for distinct this way, however the odds at least improve to 1 in 640. You can conceivably perform a speed test, by obtaining your own speed to precisely 32 or 33 and also doing numerous iterative test to watch if there's a rate tie, however presumably you desire to be much faster intially come make sure you have the right to run from every little thing else without getting the "fled utilizing a smoke Ball" message all the time. That means using Curse, and also it can't it is in Misdreavus in the case since you would usage Ghost Curse instead. Even then, a test because that 33 speed would only enhance the minimum allude threshold come 366, which only gets you come a tie v Barry, so adding this check isn't beneficial unless you usage Koffing and also pair it with a check to check Pinsir's damage rolls top top Vicegrip or (somehow) Bind, to distinguish 42 strike from 43 or 44.

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All this to prevent backing out favor a coward in ~ the sight of Nick? most likely not precious it, however it's the rule of the thing.