From much away, he could easily be mistaken for a ten year-old, at 5’1 he was as thin as a rail and also wore a flannel shirt tucked into a brown, animal leather belt.

I composed 5"1. Once elevation in fiction, is that 5"1? Or Five-foot-one? or neither?

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In Chicago hand-operated of Style, they introduce spelling the out.

"At 5 foot one, the was together thin together a rail."

In some instances a hyphen may aid avoid ambiguity. If it"s being offered as one adjective, friend might add hyphens. "His five-foot-two-inch body to be thin as a rail."

You can use numbers if friend prefer—"He was 5"2" and little for his age"—no spaces, and be certain to include the mark for inches. There"s no absolute best or not correct here. Layouts vary with different publishers. The main thing is come be continuous within your story. Don"t order it the end in one place and also use number somewhere else.


I recommend you don’t write it in feet and inches at all. Those are antique, non-standard measurements that are taken by probably 10% of the people population, and that number is shrinking in dimension every solitary day. You deserve to not only make your manuscript understandable by the whole human being if you use modern, standardized measurements, you can additionally future-proof her manuscript.

Your subject is 155 centimeters tall.


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