Every week, a beloved woman named Rosie end at Eco Gites that Lenault in Normandy master a pet-focused linkup called animal Tales andfor months ns haven’t been able come participate because of my lack of pet posts. Now I’m transforming that…

I’m obsessed v dogs. I completely admit that! having a dog is something the completes me, and as an adult, I’ve just owned a dog in France. Top top the surface, having actually a dog in France is very comparable to what you’d suffer in the USA. There are all different breeds, girlfriend can get your dog from a shelter, rescue, breeder, or pet keep (;-() as with the USA and also veterinarians space widely available. Also, the French love their dogs as lot as american do.

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But let’s talk differences in between having a dog in France matches the USA.

Read on!

Differences with having a dog in France vs. The USA

As with every little thing I create here, the points below are my opinion based upon my experience of see 8 or therefore vets (including ER visits external of continuous hours) and specialists end the past couple of years.


Veterinary care in France

Veterinary care is cheaper overall

One the my favorite things around having a dog in France is the price of care. Ns think just around every solitary aspect that vet treatment — from surgery, come meds, come lab work, to well-being visits and also vaccines — is cheaper in France. Like human healthcare, pet care costs are incredibly reasonable and I never hesitate about bringing my dog in if something seems out the the ordinary. Even emergency vet visits on Sunday will certainly not leave you broke. I find affordable pet care to it is in the case across the board regardless the specialty. Contrasted to the USA veterinarian costs, France is a steal! (but that evens out once you realize how much her gas costs, taxes, etc.)

Vets often examine your dog in front of you

In the US, i remember acquisition my dog to the vet v my family and then having the vet take him come “the back” come clean his ears, offer him vaccines, and any other procedure he was getting. In France, veterinary care seems an ext transparent and the veterinarian will frequently take treatment of the pet appropriate in prior of the owner, periodically asking the owner to help if a vet technology isn’t available.

I think this helps mitigate your pet’s (and owner’s) anxiety since the pet will stay placed on the table through you instead of being whisked far to some ar unknown. You gain to see everything firsthand. The vet has administered vaccines, clipped nails, cleaned ears, emptied anal glands, bring away blood and also done full exams every in mine presence. I like seeing what’s happening.

Medicines aren’t accessible at the vet (aside native flea and worm treatments)

I remember getting medicine for my dog in the US and most of the moment the vet’s office would certainly prepare the tiny bottle the pills right there in the office and also have it available when you come in come pay and also pick up her dog. It had actually the dog’s name and deal with and instructions published right ~ above it. The price was often a shock too. In France, the vet will give you her dog’s prescription and also you can go come the continual pharmacist to gain the box of pills (at a reasonable cost). Exceptions would be flea and tick meds i beg your pardon you deserve to buy from your vet’s office and also a quick supply the antibiotics. We’ve been offered those in a little document envelope.

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General observations

Dogs are welcome

As long as her dog is on the smaller sized side and also well-behaved (doesn’t bark or act like a fool), you have the right to walk into places without civilization batting an eye. Any kind of save that sell or handle food is a no-no (grocery store, for example) although my neighborhood bakery doesn’t treatment if i grab a baguette through my dog. I’ve take away Dagny come the article office, restaurants (both inside and outside seating), pharmacy, tabac, realtor, H&M, Sephora and also more. Most little businesses don’t really care if your dog is by your side and I really like that facet of having actually a dog in France!

Doggy daycare/home boarding isn’t popular

Something the struck me as a major difference in between having a dog in France versus the united state is the lack of daycare and boarding choices in France. Ns don’t know just how French human being manage without having the mainstream option of personal pet boarding or daycare. Some civilization take their pets on vacation with them and also there are kennels where your dog will continue to be in a cage or little space when you’re away, yet sites choose DogVacay don’t really exist. As well as a couple of services in major cities and a handful of world offering pet solutions here and also there, dog walkers, daycare and in-home pet care haven’t come to be a cultural phenomenon. So execute French people just leaving their dogs residence all day? leave them the end in the yard? i haven’t yes, really figured that out yet.

Dogs seem come wander more

I’m no saying everyone lets their dog wander approximately off-leash yet in basic it seems human being are more blasé in France around random dogs just walking approximately — part probably have owners and others room stray. I observed this firsthand in Corsica and also it made me nervous and also sad because that the stray dogs. Every pair of months when Dagny and also I are out ~ above a walk, we’ll encounter a lost dog the usually has a collar and is plainly someone’s pet other than I’m the only one to ever stop and shot to aid it.

This is the complete opposite that what would take place in my suburban NJ hometown. Ago home, if someone to be driving and also saw a dog every alone walking on the sidewalk, they’d go out of their way to avoid and shot to help it. In France? people just mind their very own business and also I guess have much better things to worry about. Is this true of every French person? Of course not. And also I acquire not all human being are dog people, but I find it strange the I’m frequently the just one to care about getting a loosened dog come safety. If 10 minutes out of mine day would assist a dog come not acquire hit through a car, why wouldn’t I stop to help? I gain it’s a different culture but as the more evolved species, i feel we have a right to aid other life beings if we’re may be to.


Picking up after her dog isn’tcommonplace

France is well-known for that is dog poop problem especially in bigger cities and this is one stereotype the rings true. Yet on the flip side, I watch pet rubbish bag dispensers more and more in French parks and also fellow dog owners with waste bag dispensers on your pup’s leash, so world are functioning to do a difference. We’re not fairly there yet because even after a day in France, you’ll see there’s no shortage of dog poo in parks and also on the street. Gross.

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Smaller an option of specialty pets food brands and also products

Forget finding specialty products. Sure, you can discover a niche brand here and also there but the an option is nowhere close to what that is in the US. Take it Dagny’s life food diet together an example. In the US, we have Primal, Nature’s Variety, Stella & Chewy’s and much more that provide commercial life diets that you can conveniently feed your pet. None of this exists in France. Recognize specialty grain-free treats, or venison treats, or organic treats, or some various other specialty thing? Hard. And also if girlfriend do find what you want, is it a reasonable price? probably not. The pet sector is much smaller in France!

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No evidence of rabies vaccine required for her municipality

Something I uncovered kind the weird when I moved here is the you don’t need to register her dog through your town’s health and wellness department and show proof of a rabies vaccination. Earlier in NJ, every year we had to develop proof of ours dog’s rabies vaccine and also pay a little fee to it is registered him through the town. Through France being pretty tax heavy (like a TV tax, come on!) I assumed for certain I’d have to pay a fee come the city to have actually a dog. But nope. Even from a statistics perspective, understanding how many pets live in a particular area could be useful info for the town to have, yet it seems prefer none of the is taped in France.