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2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis code 785.2
Short description: Cardiac murmurs NEC.ICD-9-CM 785.2 is a billable clinical code that deserve to be provided to show a diagnosis ~ above a reimbursement claim, however, 785.2 should only be used for claims with a date of service on or before September 30, 2015. For claims with a date of service on or ~ October 1, 2015, use an indistinguishable ICD-10-CM code (or codes).You room viewing the 2012 variation of ICD-9-CM 785.2.
Aortic diastolic murmurAtrial septal defect murmurBasal systolic thrillCardiac murmur, strongness grade I/VICardiac murmur, intensity grade II/VICardiac murmur, soot grade III/VICardiac murmur, strongness grade IV/VICardiac murmur, soot grade V/VICardiac murmur, soot grade VI/VICardiorespiratory murmurContinuous murmurCrescendo cardiac murmurCrescendo-decrescendo cardiac murmurDecrescendo cardiac murmurDiastolic murmurEarly diastolic murmurEarly systolic murmurEjection murmurFourth love sound, S>4Functional heart murmurHeart murmurHeart murmur configuration, variableHeart murmur duration, longHeart murmur duration, shortHeart murmur in childbirthHeart murmur pitch, highHeart murmur pitch, impure frequencyHeart murmur pitch, lowHeart murmur pitch, mediumHeart murmur pitch, pure frequencyHeart murmur postpartumHeart murmur quality, blowingHeart murmur quality, buzzingHeart murmur quality, gratingHeart murmur quality, harshHeart murmur quality, hummingHeart murmur quality, musicalHeart murmur quality, raspingHeart murmur quality, roaringHeart murmur quality, rumblingHeart murmur quality, scratchyHeart murmur quality, twangingHeart murmur quality, vibratoryHeart murmur, categorized through configurationHeart murmur, categorized by durationHeart murmur, categorized through intensityHeart murmur, categorized by pitchHeart murmur, categorized by qualityHeart murmur, categorized by timingHeart murmur, undetermined whether functional or organicInnocent murmurLate systolic murmurLeft parasternal pansystolic murmurMachinery murmurMid-diastolic mitral murmurMid-diastolic murmurMid-diastolic tricuspid murmurMid-systolic murmurMitral late systolic murmurMultiple non-ejection systolic clicksMurmurOn check - aortic diastolic murmurOn check - aortic systolic murmurOn check - cardiac murmurOn check - diastolic murmurOn examination - diastolic murmur at apexOn check - practical cardiac murmurOn check - machine murmurOn check - pulmonary diastolic murmurOn check - pulmonary systolic murmurOn examination - systolic murmurOn examination - systolic murmur at apexOn check - tricuspid murmurOrganic love murmurPansystolic murmurPlateau cardiac murmurPostpartum (after childbirth) heart murmurPostpartum heart murmurPresystolic mitral murmurPresystolic murmurPresystolic tricuspid murmurShunt murmurSoft systolic murmurSystolic flow murmurSystolic murmurTo-and-fro murmurTricuspid inspiratory pansystolic murmur
Applies To
Heart murmur NOS
ICD-9-CM Volume 2 index entries comprise back-references come 785.2:
Click, clickingsystolic syndrome 785.2Murmur (cardiac) (heart) (nonorganic) (organic) 785.2abdominal 787.5aortic (valve) (see likewise Endocarditis, aortic) 424.1benign - omit codecardiorespiratory 785.2diastolic - view conditionFlint (see also Endocarditis, aortic) 424.1functional - omit codeGraham Steell (pulmonic regurgitation) (see likewise Endocarditis, pulmonary) 424.3innocent - omit codeinsignificant - omit codemidsystolic 785.2mitral (valve) - view Stenosisphysiologic - see conditionpresystolic, mitral - watch Insufficiency, mitralpulmonic (valve) (see additionally Endocarditis, pulmonary) 424.3Still"s (vibratory) - omit codesystolic (valvular) - view conditiontricuspid (valve) - watch Endocarditis, tricuspidundiagnosed 785.2valvular - see conditionvibratory - omit codeSyndrome - see also Diseasemitralclick (-murmur) 785.2valve prolapse 424.0systolic click (-murmur) 785.2
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