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R3. Theforce the friction need to be same in magnitude but opposite in direction to theforce the you space pushing with. This is since the net pressure is zero.

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R5.You are pushing with a pressure which is equal in magnitude however opposite in directionto the pressure of friction so the the net force is zero and also you can maintain aconstant velocity.

R12.Mass is more fundamental because it is one intrinsic residential or commercial property of one object.Weight varies v location relying on the acceleration as result of gravity eg. Because that a massive m = 10kg on planet it`sweight is W = mg = 10 x 10 = 100N. However, in room where g = 0m/s2this objects load is W = mg = 10 x 0 = 0N whereas itsmass still continues to be 10kg.

R16. W= mg = 1 x 10 = 10N

R23.The acceleration a = F(net)/m thus if F(net) istripled climate a is also tripled.

R24. Accelerationa = F(net)/m, therefore, because that a constant F(net) if m istripled climate the acceleration must decrease through a aspect of 3.

R25. A= F(net)/m. If both F(net)and m room tripled then a remains unchanged.

R26.The acceleration and net force suggest in the very same direction.

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E1. The net force must it is in 0Nbecause the velocity is constant.

E2. Yes, for example, once you throw things up into the air theacceleration due to gravity is continuous and equal to 10m/s/s, down. However,the velocity that the thing reverses direction on the way up compared with onthe method down.

E3. No forces can still be acting, it`s just thatthe net pressure is 0N eg. Whenyou stand on the ground her weight (which action down) is well balanced by thesupport force (which action up).

E6. No, it isnot feasible to go approximately a curve in the absence of a force. As soon as you go arounda curve, your direction changes and hence your velocity changes, therefore youare accelerating. Follow to Newton"s 2nd Law of motion a net pressure must be present tocause this acceleration.

E9. The bearhas a weight W = mg = 400 x 10 = 4000N, down. Together the bear is sliding atconstant velocity it`s net force must be zero i.e.there need to be a frictional force of 4000N, up.

E15. W(moon) = mg(moon) = 10 x 10/6 = 16.7N (here I separated by 6gravity ~ above the moon is only 1/6 that of Earth). W(Earth)= m g(Earth) = 10 x 10 = 100N. The massive m = 10kg ~ above both the moon and Earth.

E33. Girlfriend haveto operation the engine in order to balance the frictional pressure which opposes themotion.

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E35. The appleis organized at rest, therefore, the net pressure is 0N. Whenyou drop the apologize the net pressure on the to apologize is just as result of its load W = 1N.(Note that in the trouble they call it a 1-N apple therefore they room referringto its load (rather than it`s fixed which would certainly bein kilograms (kg))).

PROBLEMS OF residence Work 4

P2.Acceleration, a = F/m = 200N/40kg = 5m/s/s in the direction that the force.