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Reflex action and Reflex Arc

Reflex is a special ability that development gifted united state to facilitate ours survival. Whenever part of her body comes in call with an object capable of resulting in you harm, you often tend to easily withdraw that part of the body. This happens before your brain gets the time it needs to procedure the threat.

Reflex Action

If friend accidentally touch a hot pot top top your oven while cooking, you would involuntarily (and virtually instantaneously) snatch her hand far from the pot. This response is called a ‘reflex action'.

Reflex Arc

Contact with the warm pot cause the start of a series of events in the human body to evoke a response.

At the allude of contact with the warm pot, skin receptors conveniently send nerve impulses (electrical) to the spinal cord (central nervous system) via sensory neurons. In the spinal cord, the impulses space processed and a an answer is relayed back.

In the spinal cord, the interneurons (also recognized as relay neurons) make the connections in between the sensory neurons (bringing the article from hand) and also the correct engine neurons (taking the response ago to the hand). It would not be useful if the an answer was sent to the wrong part of the body—in this case, a solution sent come the leg wouldn't it is in too helpful as the stimulus is coming from the hand.

From the interneurons, the an answer is relayed come the motor neurons which task out of the spinal cord to stimulate your muscles (effector) come contract, leading to you come snatch your hand far from the warm pot. This pathway taken by nerve impulses to elicit a solution is recognized as a ‘reflex arc’.

This process happens so quick that the response occurs before the article reaches the brain. This results to a quicker time-to-response together the thinking process of the mind may be relatively time consuming.


Components the a Reflex Arc

The stimulus

In the above example, the economic stimulation is the call with the hot pot. This contact reasons a nerve impulse the will take trip to the spinal cord via the sensory neurons. Another example that a economic stimulation is an item (e.g. One insect) approaching your eye resulting in you come blink before you know it.

Sensory neurons

These neurons lug the nerve impulse to the spinal cord. Similar to the interneuron and also motor neuron, sensory neurons get incoming impulses at the dendrites. The impulses move away indigenous the cabinet body along the axon come the synaptic terminal whereby the impulse is sent to the next neuron (the interneuron) through the assist of a neurotransmitter (acetylcholine).

The spinal cord

Interneurons (also well-known as relay neurons) are totally contained in the central nervous mechanism (the spinal cord and also the brain). The interneuron serves as the connection in between the sensory neurons and also the engine neurons.

The synapse is a tiny room between two neurons. As soon as an impulse it s okay to the end of one neuron and also has come be sent out down the following neuron, the synapse acts together a bridge. The signal arrives at the finish of one neuron (close come the synapse) together an electrical signal, crosses the synapse together a chemical signal (with the aid of a neurotransmitter recognized as acetylcholine exit by the synaptic vesicles at the synaptic terminal) and also continues together an electric signal in the next neuron.

Motor neurons

In the 'hot pot' example above, engine neurons send nerve impulses far from the central nervous system to effector guts or muscle fibers. This reasons the muscle fibers to contract, leading to you snatching her hand far from the warm pot.

If the stimulus was at the vision of pest flying towards your eyeball, then the motor neurons would certainly relay the response back to your eyelids (to close) to protect them from the pull close threat.

The response

This occurs when the motor neurons provide nerve impulses from the spinal cord come the part of the body whereby a an answer to the stimulus is needed. In the over example, the response is the muscle convulsion to easily pull the hand away from the warm pot. In the 2nd example, the solution is to blink to avoid the insect native making call with the eye.


A reflex arc, an article on just how a stimulus elicits a response


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Hi Arjun, say thanks to you reading and also leaving a comment. I'll try to answer her question. Pain the is tho detected much later on is many likely since there was far-reaching damage done throughout the contact. In this case nerve fibers would still be sending out messages to the brain from the place of the injury. The brain is sort of telling you come treat the affected area through care.