China is make the efforts to revolve the tables and redefine the an effective concept that the “international community.”

After years during which the West has used the concept of “international community” come put pressure on China to expropriate such things as Western-defined “international norms,” Beijing has determined to walk its own way. In fact, the Chinese are setup up your own meaning of “international community” to counter what they check out as a western-dominated and also defined worldwide community.

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China’s place was expose on September 1, once the Communist Party’s main newspaper the People’s Daily released an digital commentary titled “How civilization opinion kidnapped by West’s ‘international community’ rhetoric.”

“SomeWesternpoliticians,” the commentary said, “oftenmakeimproper commentsinthenameof‘internationalcommunity’whentheytalkaboutthe internationalaffairs…. Intheireyes,theyarethe ‘internationalcommunity.’”

War-torn Syria, for example, is one country where there are sharply split views between the West on the one side and also China and Russia top top the other. This has paralyzed the United countries Security Council, v the Chinese and Russians blocking any kind of proposals that might lead come the instead of of the government of chairman Bashar al-Assad.

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European and American media, the comment said, often suggest implementing more stringent sanctions on Syria and also criticize Russia and also China because that “running counter to the global community.” In their eyes, the comment said, “China and Russia, which have actually a population of over one billion, are not included in the ‘international community.’”

Clearly, this was no the see of a lone Chinese commentator. That was automatically followed by what to be ostensibly a news article by the state news company Xinhua, i m sorry reported that amid escalating violence in Syria, “the international neighborhood renewed the calls for a peaceful settlement come the crisis.”

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The short article quoted a spokesman for the United countries High Commissioner for Refugees, the Russian deputy international minister MikhailBogdanovand the Chinese foreign minister, Yang Jiechi, who spoke on the telephone withLakhdarBrahimi, the new U.N.-Arab organization special envoytoSyria.


It did no refer to any type of American or european views. The voices quoted by Xinhua, it seems, constitute the “international community” in China’s eyes.

This tit-for-tat solution is one more sign of China’s new-found assertiveness and its unwillingness to expropriate a Western-imposed global system as China proceeds to rise. Much more flexing the Chinese muscles is most likely to follow.

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Frank Ching opened up The wall Street Journal’s office in China in 1979. Now based in Hong Kong, that writes a weekly tower on Chinese affairs. His posts have showed up in foreign Affairs, international Policy, human being Policy Journal, China Quarterly, Current background and the Washington Quarterly, among other publications.

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