In The Time that the Butterflies, in chapter 7, how does Maria Teresa"s tone in she diary adjust from the start to end? What walk this readjust illustrate?
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at the start of Chapter seven (1953-1958), Maria Teresa is an extremely depressed, composing "I feel favor dying" because she has actually been mourning the fatality of her father. Top top December 31, she starts her entry with these words: "last work of this sad old year." She has actually Tio Fela read...

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At the beginning of Chapter 7 (1953-1958), Maria Teresa is really depressed, writing "I feel prefer dying" since she has been mourning the death of she father. Top top December 31, she starts she entry through these words: "last day of this sad old year." She has Tio Fela check out her coffee cup to discover if over there is a man coming right into her life as she desires someone come love. On march 1, 1954, Mate has a portentous dream around her dad in his coffin: under his human body is Manolo.

In the summer, Maria Teresa"s spirits lighten together she graduates and there is solemn event in she family. However, she has actually a little spat through her Tio Flor about her cousins who are interested in her. But, Mama has given her a suitcase to use when she goes to the university and having moved $10,000 of she inheritance to Mate.

Once she is at the university with her sister Minerva, she sees the all the street indications are named after the Trujello family. She and her sister have to sign a pledge of commitment to El Jefe; consequently, mate hides she diary. ~ above October 18, she has one more dream about her father. But, she spirits lift when she is made miss University, in spite of disappearances of civilization every week.

On July 26, 1955, friend writes, "I"m feeling an extremely solitary and also sad and more jamonita than a hog. This depression is mainly due to the fact that she has no one come love.

On July 27, Mate"s sisters earns her regulation degree, but she is not allowed to have a patent to practice. Friend thinks that El Jefe let her examine for four-five years and then punished she afterwards. She additionally senses trouble between Minerva and also her husband Manolo. This hesitation is evidenced when she cd driver to Minerva and Manolo"s brand-new house--a "shack!"-- to aid her set up housekeeping. But, because she stays and lives v them, the pair can invest time with each other as mate babysits. As soon as reconciled, Minerva many thanks her sister because that bringing her and her husband back together.

On September 7, friend decides to finish her degree, yet is disillusioned due to the fact that of what has happened to Minerva. She desires again the Papa, but this time over there is male upon guy on optimal of him.

But, things improve when Mate meet a strange man one night together he it is intended a package. "The sweetest man" is named Palomino and also he, too, is component of the movement. 

On November 14, 1957, Maria Teresa to write in her diary the she is in love v Palomino, who is yes, really Leandro Guzman Rodriquez; and, they are married top top Valentine"s day of the next year.

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Thus, Maria Teresa who started the diary entries of thing 7 in despair in "a sad old year" in which she saw her lover Papa buried and she feels very solitary, now has actually a bright future before her v her brand-new husband. In addition, she is in school and also has objective to her life.