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The prefix uni- which way “one” is vital prefix in the English language. For instance, the prefix uni- provided rise come the indigenous unicycle, uniform, and unison. Maybe the easiest way to remember that uni- way “one” is through the word unicorn, or mythological equine that had actually “one” horn.

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laterside, flank
-alof or relating to

A unilateral decision is fully “one-sided.”


animmind, spirit
-ouspossessing the nature of

In a unanimous decision, all people concerned are of “one mind.”

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One in ~ a Time

The prefix uni- which means “one” is crucial prefix in the English language. Let’s see just how this prefix works with more than just “one” example!

A unicorn, for instance, is a mythological equine that had “one” horn sprouting indigenous its forehead. The universe is etymologically all of perceptible development turned into “one” entirety. A university is a place that has been turned right into “one” area of finding out for both undergraduate and also graduate degrees.

Imagine going to a circus. You could see performers doing stunts top top unicycles, or bicycles with simply “one” wheel rather of two. These performers would probably be in uniforms, so that they all show up to do “one” outside shape. Castle might also perform in a unified fashion, every doing the very same moves at the exact same time. They might even song in unison, every in “one” sound!

A union the two human being in marriage makes castle “one” couple. Speaking of political unions, the claims of the United claims all type “one” nation. The motto the the United states is, appropriately, e pluribus unum, or “one” country formed from countless peoples.

The Latin number unus, “one,” gave rise come many comparable sounding number “ones” in the romantic languages. French has actually both un and also une, Spanish has uno, and also Italian similarly has uno, to surname a few. The last 2 numbers remind us of the card video game Uno, where each player do the efforts to acquire down come “one” card before calling the end “Uno!”

I hope that this unique perform of indigenous which describe the “one” prefix uni- is useful in your miscellaneous subjects’ units in school!

unicorn: equine with ‘one’ horn Universe: creation turned right into ‘one’ totality university: ‘one’ area of academic learning because that graduate and also undergraduate degrees unicycle: bicycle with ‘one’ wheel instead of two uniform: garments which give ‘one’ shape unified: made together ‘one’ unison: make ‘one’ sound union: a make of ‘one’ from different parts United States: claims made right into ‘one’ nation e pluribus unum: ‘one’ from many unique: pertaining to something the which over there is just ‘one’ example unit: ‘one’ of a whole range of things