The correct answer is alternative C. "Whitman celebrates just nature". Walt Whitman was a transcendentalist writer that believed that God, humans and nature space all connected. His city "Song that Myself", incorporate this design template celebrating the greatness that nature such as the line "What is grass?" to compare the grass together an analogy to the bicycle of life and also death.

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B). Whitman celebrate the typical person.


Whitman modernized the "epic poetry" and also "Song of Myself" reflects his brand the American epos poetry together it is categorized as among the longest poems v a typical theme of the celebration event of typical people(mankind in general) and their life. Together the title of the poem itself suggests glorification of person life.

The poem is one admiration because that the happiness proposed by suffering nature and the capacity of an individual to unify your selves through nature(transcendent experience). The poem is defined as proposing "poetic meditation" together it analyzes the functioning of the person mind. Thus, option B is the exactly answer together it proposes Whitman"s layout of American "epic poetry.


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