together a late-April baby, I"m well conscious of my Taurus zodiac status, however I"ve additionally always sensed that ns teeter along the Aries-Taurus cusp. I"m down through being a bull, but practically every "who you are, follow to her zodiac sign" post makes me feel like either the stars space wrong, or I can be infused with some Aries energy.

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according to astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss, I"m no wrong: Aries season gave way to Taurus ~ above April 20, and my birthday isn"t far behind—and the timeline is, indeed, astrologically significant.

"The important thing to know around being "born top top the cusp" is the you’re constantly one authorize or the other." Weiss says. "The distinction is that if you’re an Aries born at the very end of the sign, you’re a Taurus-flavored Aries. If you’re born in ~ the an extremely beginning that Taurus season, you’re an Aries-flavored Taurus. Yet you’re certainly one authorize or the other."

"To usage the cocktail analogy, an Aries-flavored Taurus might like a bit of summer sprouts in her much more floral cocktail, vice versa, a Taurus-flavored Aries could like a floral keep in mind in she otherwise spicy Bloody Mary." —Stefanie Iris Weiss, astrologer

If you"re born in between April 17 and also 23, you could indeed it is in an Aries-Taurus cocktail, and also below, Weiss division down specifically what that might mean because that you.


As a refresher, here are the properties of an Aries

Rams room far more fiery 보다 the bulls, together they are very much accurate fire signs ruled by Mars. Lock possess exceptional confidence that provides them natural-born leaders. Periodically this comes v a slim "me-first" complex, which can manifest in a selfish and attention-seeking vibe. This can be at once intoxicating and also infuriating for every the loved ones in an Aries" life.

Furthermore, Aries space hip, confident, and march to the to win of their very own drum. They"re incredibly an imaginative and motivating to their peers v positive, feel-good energy.

And if you require a reminder, right here are the characteristics of a Taurus

Taurus folks are probably acquainted with being dubbed strong-willed, steadfast, and—my mommy enjoys pulling the end this diss on me—unwaveringly stubborn. Yet whatever, adjust isn"t something castle love a totality bunch. Instead, they value security, stability, and usually keep an eye toward planting roots because that the permanent (so ~*earthy*~).

Taurus is rule by Venus, which for me equates to a hyper-feminine, hopelessly romantic, and somewhat materialistic means of living. Taureans adore sensual pleasures and also take self care to the next level. And also haters it is in damned—if you"re a Taurus, you"re most likely a faithful friend who worths a couple of close pals versus a really Rolodex of loose acquaintances.

So once again, what walk it typical to it is in on the Aries-Taurus cusp?

Basically you"re tho an Aries or a Taurus, however you may have actually a flavor native the neighboring zodiac sign that can inform your leading Sun sign, which is probably why I an elaborate myself a an innovative who doesn"t solely wear brown or solely eat granola.

Frankly, i like how Weiss sums it up: "To usage the cocktail analogy, one Aries-flavored Taurus could like a little of freckles in her more floral cocktail, vice versa, a Taurus-flavored Aries might like a floral keep in mind in she otherwise spicy Bloody Mary," she says. Sounds delicious either way.

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