Connie Craig Carroll

Connie Craig full names Connie Craig Carroll Is an American tv Personality and Pioneer because that the sales of consumer goods and products as a host of residence Shopping Network (HSN). At she slot, she features the commodities like jewelry, cosmetics items, smart HD TV’s, and other an important day-to-day merchandises.

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Connie Craig Age

Born ~ above June 15, 1986, she is 33 year of age as of 2019.Before HSN, she functioned as a hold of Shop in ~ Home. Her official Facebook web page states that Connie would certainly have gone into into public relationship or have actually designed her jewelry heat if she hadn’t joined the network the HSN. She additionally briefly landing a project of a attribute sports reporter, and also her degree in communications served the TV personality to initiate her tv career.

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Connie Craig Height

She stands in ~ a same height and has a same body weight to match her height. She likewise holds American nationality. There is no publicly accessible information around her body measurements.

Connie Craig Husband

The host of HSN, Connie Craig Carrol, is a married lady. Her main Facebook page states the she likes to spend time with her husband named huge Doug. However, she has sealed the information around her much better half and also has hesitated to share the details of the on society media. Part websites seem come toy around the notion that she may be married to invoice Green, her co-host in HSN.

Her Facebook page does cite a husband that she calls large Doug, yet no articles on her energetic social media accounts reveals who her husband is. Part forums additionally seem to notice that she has actually not been wearing her ring in more recent episodes of HSN, implying that they may no much longer be together. She has actually a son called Dougie. She also calls him Buzzy. The is uncertain if any type of of this names space his real name.

Connie Craig Image

Connie Craig

Connie Craig Education

Craig is a aboriginal of Morristown, Tennessee and is born ~ above 15 June 1968. In high school, she was in her school’s basketball team, called the Union Heights Tornadoes.

Craig graduated from the university of Tennessee v a bachelor’s degree in communication. When initially, she aspired to become a lawyer, she later found a task as a sports television moderator that quickly led her to gain into the television shopping industry. She first found work-related at the Shop at Home before being choose up by the HSN Network in April 1998.

Connie Craig Career

Before HSN, she functioned as a organize of Shop at Home. Her main Facebook web page states that Connie would certainly have gone into into public relationship or have designed she jewelry line if she hadn’t join the network the HSN. She also briefly landed a task of a feature sports reporter, and her degree in communications served the TV personality come initiate her television career.

When Craig very first started at HSN, civilization often perplexed her v her partner Lynn Murphy together they have comparable facial features. Part viewers think they space sisters. The case is similar with Kristin Chenoweth, who is an actress. She generally features jewelry designed by Jay King on her slot.

In in march 2016, She debuted Levers, a brand-new earring “lifting” ago which avoids sagging that the earring hence stretching the earlobe. In ~ 5 minutes into the broadcast, the revolutionary contraption was marketed out. She revealed that if she had not been hired through HSN, she would certainly have gotten in public relationships or design her very own line of jewelry.

Connie Craig Networth

According to, the mean salary that HSN show host is $50,718 per year, and their yearly payroll ranges in between the amount of $48,957 come $52,408. It is believed That She earns a optimal percentile in her ar of work-related .According come the HSN guest trainer invoice Green, Connie Craig Carroll was born in 1986 and celebrates her birthday on the 15 the June. The TV personality grew up in her family hometown in Morristown, Tennesse. She regularly shares images of she parents on social media and also wished them during the Father’s Day and also Mother’s Day. Connie additionally stated throughout her father’s birthday on 17 might 2017 that she has gained his character.

Connie Craig Facts

Carroll is a collector of crosses and Barbie dolls.In she spare time, Connie enjoys the town hall sports, shops and spends time with her girlfriends next from she family.On weekends, Connie likes to travel to herbal and social landmarks with her son, such as Blowing rock in north California, and also the Washington Memorial.Connie is famous on Instagram and Facebook, boasting 5000+ followers & end 9000 subscribers on each platform respectively.She is an excellent friends with Jennifer Flavin, wife of famous Hollywood actor, Sylvester Stallone.Carroll also has one allergy to pollen, which she emerged in the feather of 2017. Viewers started to notice puffy eyes, which lock speculated was a bad facelift native plastic surgery before a credible source revealed the truth.
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