Captain Morgan – a famed brand because that rum is make from distilled sugarcane. Captain Morgan cases that its original spiced rum is gluten-free, yet its other flavored rum choices are not. Flavored rum alternatives of Captain Morgan Rum have flavors and additives that contain gluten and should be avoided. Cross-contamination is feasible where companies produce gluten-free commodities alongside others the contain gluten ingredients. Their gluten-free rum has actually not to be tested for map gluten and also may affect people with extreme cases of gluten intolerance.

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Is Captain Morgan rum gluten free? Celiac people who love to drink alcohol should always check with the beverage companies about their ingredients together alcohol brands are not mandatory to display screen allergy warnings on your products.

People with gluten allergies need to be mindful while selecting their alcohol because of possible gluten ingredients, particularly in flavored alcohol options.

Many world are confused around whether the famous brand, Captain Morgan, has actually gluten-free options in their arsenal of rums. This day you can find out whether rum flavors space safe for consumption for world with gluten intolerance. 

Rum is a distilled alcohol addict drink make from sugarcane juice or molasses. Captain Morgan Rum is readily available in markets, and also their original spiced rum is thought about to be gluten free. FDA has likewise approved it. 

Ideally, that tastes finest when served on the rocks, and typically provided with coke or blended in cocktails. Captain Morgan is a brand known to all. Its renowned slogan, “Live choose the Captain!” is component of Captain Morgan’s marketing campaigns because 2017.

It is named after Henry Morgan, Welsh privateer that the Caribbean, who died on 25 respectable 1688. 

So is over there gluten in Captain Morgan Rum? 

Is Captain Morgan Rum Gluten free – What is Captain Morgan Rum


 Campaign Morgan is a popular family members brand by a brother alcohol conglomerate, Diageo. The rum the produces is make from distilled alcohol and also sugarcane juices or molasses.

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It have the right to be discovered in nearly all bars approximately the world, and bartenders normally mix the in a selection of cocktails or coke top top the rocks.

Usually, rums, in its initial form, carry out not save on computer gluten as it is a distilled alcohol made from sugarcane or molasses, and also has no gluten ingredients. However, companies may add ingredients and also extra spices that have the right to contain gluten.

The company’s initial Spiced Rum is non-flavored and also considered to it is in gluten-free. Their flavored rums, however, range from coconut come grapefruit and contain gluten ingredients. 

Captain Morgan initial Spiced Rum is distilled and made native molasses, water, and also a combination of yeasts for fermentation. ~ distillation and also in the final stages the its production, flavors and also spices are added to the rum, which offers it that color, taste, and aroma. The spices used in the rum are aboriginal to the Caribbean Islands.

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Alcohol service providers are likewise not required to disclose allergens. Therefore, it can be hard for people to determine whether your rum is gluten-free or not. 


Captain Morgan’s original Spiced Rum is a mix of rum from Puerto Rica spices, and additional flavors, which consists of apricots, vanilla, fig, and some cassia. The included flavors and spices give the rum its love husband color and texture. 

The volume of alcohol in Captain Morgan’s rum is 35 percent (24.5 Alcohol units).

Captain Morgan’s selection of products includes the following:

Original Spiced RumCoconut TumWatermelon SmashApple SmashCannon BlastPineapple RumJack-o’blast
LoconutBlack SpicedGrapefruit Rum100 evidence spicedWhite RumLong Island Iced TeaPrivate Stock