When bees develop honey, they begin with a diluted solution (the nectar) and concentrate it, to do it critical longer. They store it in the honeycombs of the beehive, where, were it no extracted by humans, that would most likely remain liquid. So when it’s extracted from the honeycombs, the love husband is a very viscous liquid. Later, the sugars have tendency to type into crystals, transforming the honey into a compact, carefully granular mass.

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The crystallization process differs according to the type of honey: some might remain fluid for several months (e.g. Acacia or chestnut honey), rather crystallize in a couple of weeks (e.g. Dandelion or rapeseed) when the majority crystallize over a period of a couple of months. The process happens faster at a temperature of between 12-16°C and also may be either slowed under by the heat and also by cold. There room honeys the crystallize even before they’ve to be extracted indigenous the combs, but precisely because that this reason, together honeys are normally not come be discovered on sale.


Crystallization is no a defect, it’s a herbal process.

Crystallized honeys deserve to sometimes be a little less practically to use, as they are sometimes an extremely compact and also hard. Yet they needn’t it is in permanently choose that, and simply through leaving castle in a warm place because that a day they’ll soften, becoming creamy, simpler to spread and also mix. They’ll it is in slightly less sweet to taste, and with a update sensation, lot like melted sugar.

Of course, countless consumers like liquid honey and also the industry has invested a good deal the money into technologies to save honey in its liquid state for as long as possible, in stimulate to satisfy demand. Together technologies, however, are based upon reheating (pasteurizing) and filtering, which have tendency to ruin the many interesting features of the honey. The bulk of fluid honeys on sale have actually undergone together processes, despite this is practically never suggested on the label.


The culture and windy consciousness approximately honey space not helped by the absence of details we’re often given, and the restricted range of options on sell (that is, ~ above the market dominated by large distributors). However, the people of honey contains an incredible spectrum the biodiversity, with numerous different varieties of honey according to the flowers used and also the varieties of bee. This biodiversity need to be protected, particularly given the basic role the this extraordinary animal plays in pollinating ours crops. The prestige of honey becomes even clearer once we think how, for many rural and indigenous communities, indigenous the americas to Asia and also Africa, it has been a true clip food for millennia. Very rich in both nutritional and curative properties, these assets are part of our cultural heritage, which slow Food no only aims to defend for future generations, but over all, make known to the world.

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Emilia Shusharova, Convivium leader that the slow Food community of Kurtovo Konare and member that the Chitaliste ”L. Karavelov”- Kurtovo Konare, is complete of enthusiasm together we talk about the solidarity initiative she started with other community members throughout the very first lockdown. The slow-moving Food community normally functions on numerous fronts choose protecting local vegetal biodiversity, supporting local producers and also sustainable livelihoods, strengthening the business capacity, self-confidence and social identity of producer in Kurtovo Konare. They did not ago down throughout the pandemic and also helped plenty of local members to get over this an overwhelming period through two different projects.

Slow Food welcomes the european Parliament’s vote in favour the the EU farm yard to Fork Strategy, regardless of repeted corporate attempts to water it under over the previous months. By doing so, the conference shows solid commitment to the shift to sustainable food systems. ~ above October 19, the europe Parliament embraced its Opinion report …

slow-moving Food ar Qorr growers of Vetimboso established at Lantarr sluggish Food Festival in Vanua Lava, Vanuatu 25 October 2021

A group of ten human being representing the Indigenous human being of Vetimboso village, Torba Province, Vanua Lava, Vanuatu have made a appointment to defend their local foods items and agricultural heritage by starting a sluggish Food ar at the Lantarr slow Food Festival. The slow Food community Qorr growers of Vetimboso, will emphasis on the yam or …

The last couple of years have not been easy for Kenya. The country is facing diverse conflicts: Climate Change, the best locust intrusion in 70 years, and food and nutrition insecurity. In enhancement to that, in 2020, COVID-19 arrived. Man Kariuki, coordinator of slow-moving Food tasks in Kenya, speak us just how the slow-moving Food network has actually …